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2019 is the perfect year for Fintech companies around the world

The Fintech universe is expanding all around the world. During the year 2018, there was an increase in this niche of companies and it is very likely that this trend will continue. Last year was very prolific for some companies like Ant Financial that had an investment of $ 14 billion dollars (this firm is a subsidiary of payments of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd), this amount represented 35% of the total financing for the Fintechs during that year. According to CB Insights the largest Fintechs of 2018 were:

Where will Fintech market go in 2019?

During 2019 capitalization will continue to increase in this niche that, without a doubt, has been a revulsive for financial inclusion among the population. The population dynamic has allowed this growth, more and more are the young people who work and who have the need to have a bank account or a mechanism of payments and transfers, in some cases, there is also the concern to save and invest, this gap is filling the Fintech sector.

In Mexico, for instance, there are still few banks and although the growth of entities such as the Popular Savings and Credit Banks or the Sofomes is progressing rapidly, millions of Mexicans are demanding more innovative financial products and services. Technology is playing a crucial role here, new generations around the world, since they have a very robust access to the Internet, this has produced a diversification of multiple paths where finance and technology are weaving new companies, which tend to respond faster to the needs of its customers than traditional banks.

The biggest impact fintech startups are having are in the field of payments and remittances, loans, business financial management, personal finance management, crowdfunding, and business technologies for financial institutions.

The Fintech Law can be a trigger in some countries, they look to control regulation issues and some banks are beginning to exploit the opportunities represented by this market niche; The regulatory framework has given certainty to financial groups and are willing to invest in this segment, some banks have already decided that they prefer to have the world as an ally and not as a competitor.

Everything indicates that in 2019 Fintech will continue to grow in the entire world.

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