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Month: March 2019

Ripple is getting closer to Amazon

Amazon Pay is a very popular and widely used online payment method. Worldwide, many retailers and online retailers have chosen Amazon Pay as the payment method, and the latest partnership could significantly expand merchant opportunities. From now on, all Worldpay retailers will be able to use the Amazon Pay service…

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Both Mastercard and Wells Fargo have been actively exploring the benefits of blockchain technology

The main executives of Mastercard and Wells Fargo agreed that the blockchain technology has a long-term potential. But to date it has not been done. Tim Sloan, Managing Director of Wells Fargo, and Ajaypal Banga, Executive Director of MasterCard, agreed that the potential of distributed record technology (DLT) has not…

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The Vienna Blockchain startup wants to offer an alternative to Ethereum

The character string “0bs” in 0bsnetwork stands for “Zero Bullshit”. The Vienna Blockchain startup wants to offer a faster, more financially easier to plan and easier to handle alternative to Ethereum. According to Srdjan Kupresanin, founder of the Viennese startup 0bsnetwork their slogan “Zero Bullshit” in the name is a…

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