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Month: March 2019

A Berlin startup launches a digital assistant for scientists

The Berlin startup LabTwin launches a voice controlled digital assistant for scientists. Researchers can take notes from LabTwin information from anywhere in their lab, collect data, create order lists, and set timers or reminders by talking to LabTwin. As the startup further states, research institutes such as the University of…

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The Universal Protocol Alliance launches a stablecoin named Universal Euro

The Universal Protocol Alliance, a federation of several blockchain companies. It will launch a Euro linked Stablecoin in April. The Stablecoin of Universal Protocol should therefore bear the name Universal Euro in short UPEUR and be 1: 1 connected to the euro. Users can earn up to 8% interest with…

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Both Mastercard and Wells Fargo have been actively exploring the benefits of blockchain technology

The main executives of Mastercard and Wells Fargo agreed that the blockchain technology has a long-term potential. But to date it has not been done. Tim Sloan, Managing Director of Wells Fargo, and Ajaypal Banga, Executive Director of MasterCard, agreed that the potential of distributed record technology (DLT) has not…

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Two domestic startups are involved in creating a government app

The new government app Digital Office for the platform did not fare well with the users in the first test. However, there were no complaints about the features coming from two domestic startups Anyline and Ubitec. It just does exist, the good reason why certain innovation processes at corporates…

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The Vienna Blockchain startup wants to offer an alternative to Ethereum

The character string “0bs” in 0bsnetwork stands for “Zero Bullshit”. The Vienna Blockchain startup wants to offer a faster, more financially easier to plan and easier to handle alternative to Ethereum. According to Srdjan Kupresanin, founder of the Viennese startup 0bsnetwork their slogan “Zero Bullshit” in the name is a…

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