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A Berlin startup launches a digital assistant for scientists

The Berlin startup LabTwin launches a voice controlled digital assistant for scientists. Researchers can take notes from LabTwin information from anywhere in their lab, collect data, create order lists, and set timers or reminders by talking to LabTwin. As the startup further states, research institutes such as the University of California at San Francisco, the German Primate Center and several bio-pharmaceutical companies are already using voice controlled assistants.

About LabTwin

LabTwin was developed by Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures and Sartorius AG. Who is a listed supplier of bio-pharmaceutical research and industry from Göttingen. As Joachim Kreuzburg, CEO of Sartorius, points out, scientists no longer have to interrupt their experiments to make notes.

The assistant accelerates the communication in the laboratory and thereby increases the productivity, explains Magdalena Paluch. It was she, who founded the company together with Steffen Gloth in 2018. Scientists would be freed from keyboards, desktops and hard to access folder structures.

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