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Month: May 2019

Tim Draper: Why is it important to put the eye on Latin America?

With 115,786 Twitter followers, Tim Draper (62) is not just any businessman. It does not take long for any of your unusual suggestions to surprise you in the world of investment and politics. Last year he launched a controversial campaign to divide the state of California into three parts in…

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Female Empowerment: That’s how founders get started

Why the startup scene needs more variety Whether agriculture, HR, communications, medicine, banking or education: all major industries are currently enriched by innovative startups. The developments of recent years prove that young companies can change the world. Especially on the rise: founders. Although just about every seventh startup of women…

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Looking for an API to get Gold and Silver live rates? Check this start-up company

What is a free API for getting the current price of gold? Or What is a free API for getting the current price of Silver? We have the answer: Metals-API.com Metals-API.com is a simple and lightweight API for current and historical precious metals rates. This API offers real time prices…

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These two startups are involved in the app “Digital Office”

The new government app “Digital Office” for the platform oesterreich.gv.at did not fare well with the users in the first test. However, there were no complaints about the features coming from two domestic startups – Anyline and Ubitec. It just does exist – the good reason why certain innovation processes…

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How to attract investors Berlin logistics startup Fliit receives ten million

How to bring food to the customer, all dealers who want to sell online goods must consider. The Berlin logistics start-up Fliit offers a platform for this, where dealers can find suppliers. The startup is now receiving ten million euros in venture capital for the concept. The investors The Maersk…

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