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Month: January 2020

What happens to a startup when its incubation process ends?

What alternatives do you have to keep growing when you need more time and financial oxygen to support the project? In its passage through Córdoba, the sustainable finance specialist Angélica Rotondaro explains what impact funds are and how they work. The founder of Alimi Impact Ventures, a Brazilian think tank…

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6 startups that are generating ingenious solutions with Blockchain

Renewable energy trade, remittance services, digital content protection, civil works management, and more. In recent times, various projects that apply Blockchain technology have begun to emerge on Chilean soil with the aim of building ingenious solutions in various industries. Among them, some are driving more sustainable markets or fighting plagiarism…

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Key to success: The richest man in the world, worked at McDonald’s and listened to his heart

What does the heart tell you? The question asked by Jeff Bezos, founder and president of Amazon and, according to Forbes, the richest man in the world, the basis for making decisions in life. Following a path It is what he himself raised 25 years ago when he decided to…

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The four big problems of Google according to a former director

Jessica Powell became Google’s global vice president when she decided to step aside two years ago. The news generated surprises and an incognito: Who decides to resign to a charge of those characteristics and to which thousands of people aspire? The woman, who after her resignation had her third child,…

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Technology is the pending subject of the real estate sector

The Congress will present the association, the global environment, and Colombian starups such as Triwrii, LoQueNecesito, Cirii (Circle of Innovative Investors), Wasi, Licitud, Cotizen, Ardía, PVF and Gerpro. A survey of the world’s real estate industry leaders shows that, while there is awareness of the importance of technology in this…

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Los Angeles: Non-startup from Lower Austria wins “Startup-Oskar”

On the sidelines of the Oscar ceremony, the Los Angeles International Trade Center honored Austrian top achievements in the American market with the USA-BIZ AWARD. In the Startup category, Wewalka was founded in 1987 by the founding of the low-energy fresh dough company Wewalka. “The USA Biz Award, the so-called…

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