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Technology is the pending subject of the real estate sector

The Congress will present the association, the global environment, and Colombian starups such as Triwrii, LoQueNecesito, Cirii (Circle of Innovative Investors), Wasi, Licitud, Cotizen, Ardía, PVF and Gerpro.

A survey of the world’s real estate industry leaders shows that, while there is awareness of the importance of technology in this sector, there is a decision to keep it behind.

The previous one was one of the conclusions of the global network of audit, tax and consulting firms based in Switzerland.

The survey itself

97 percent think that digital and technological innovation will impact their business; 60 percent believe that impact will be very significant; 73 percent see digital and technological innovation as an opportunity; 25 percent see it as an opportunity and a threat.

90 percent believe that the corporate real estate industry sees PropTech as an opportunity and facilitator; 78 percent believe that the commitment to digital and technological innovation of the entire corporate real estate industry has increased in the last 12 months.

93 percent believe that traditional real estate organizations must engage with PropTech companies to adapt to the changing global environment.

66 percent do not have a clear vision and strategy of technological and digital innovation for the entire company.

But, interestingly, only 30 percent of traditional real estate organizations say they currently invest or plan to invest in new Prop Tech companies.

International sources point out that the real estate and construction industry will grow steadily in the coming years, at a rate of 5 percent per year, which means a great challenge.

Prop Tech was born in Colombia

For this reason, the Colombia Prop Tech Association, the first in Latin America, that brings together a new generation of companies called startups that innovate in property and technology in the real estate sector to boost the economic development of the sector and from the country

To announce it, they convened the First Colombia Prop Tech Congress on Wednesday, September 11, which will discuss with the actors of the technology industry linked to real estate and construction in order to take their first steps towards the consolidation of an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“We work on ICT to transform processes, products and services of traditional real estate and construction activities”, said Andres Leal founder with Alexis Rech of Colombia Prop Tech and CEO of Triarii Design Tech.

Start-ups will be present, which are developers, real estate brokers, suppliers and investors in technology and invite the government and industry to be part of the association and generate value throughout the real estate cycle, said Alexis Reich.

The Congress will present the association, the global environment, and Colombian starups such as Triwrii, LoQueNecesito, Cirii (Circle of Innovative Investors), Wasi, Licitud, Cotizen, Ardía, PVF and Gerpro.

The marketing manager of Cirii, Circle of Innovative Investors, Rafael Chavarro, who leads the first microliving or microapartments project, Citylive 104 in Bogotá aimed at millennials, with all the amenities and a fully profitable investment alternative for the Airbnb platform, He said that “it is time for Colombia to enter this universe of immense possibilities that will make the sector and the national economy grow”.

Material production

It is estimated that the production of construction materials will go from 160 million tons to 320 million in 2025, according to Asogravas.

Bussines Monitor on the other hand ensures that cement consumption in Colombia reached a value of 15.6 million tons in 2018, representing 7 percent of the total in Latin America. Cement consumption is expected to be 19 million tons by 2022.

Invest Colombia affirms that the country is the third largest construction market in Latin America, with a value of USD 23 billion in 2018.

The Government has four housing programs: Casa Ya, Casa Ahorro, free houses and credit subsidies, showing strong support for the sector.

With more than 16 trade agreements in force, Colombia has preferential access to about 1.5 billion consumers in markets such as the United States and the European Union. Its privileged geographical location makes the country an ideal export platform for the region.

Invest Colombia maintains that Sint Gobain, Mexichem and Cemex have chosen Colombia as their investment destination.

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