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3 Advanced Tips For Obtaining Coal Prices With An API

Would you like to learn 3 tips for obtaining coal prices with an API? You have come to the right article because we have prepared the best 3 tips for you to start using the following API.

One third of the world’s electricity is produced by coal, making it the single largest source of electricity. According to GlobalData, global coal mining is anticipated to reach 8,776.5 million tons (Mt) in 2025, breaking the previous record of 8 billion tons in a single year established in 2013. A seasonal increase in coal-fired electricity throughout the winter added to this impression of a strong worldwide demand.

The United States Geological Survey classifies coal into four categories based on its heating value. Anthracite, usually referred to as hard coal, comes in first place. It has a significant amount of fixed carbon and little volatile substances.

3 Advanced Tips For Obtaining Coal Prices With An API

The next type of coal is bituminous coal, which can be used to make steel and has a high heating value. Subbituminous coal with a low to moderate heating value comes in third. The lowest grade, lignite, is fourth and has a high moisture content and low heating value. Both lignite and sub-bituminous coal are utilized to produce power.

Because fuel is the greatest source of electricity generation and the second-largest source of primary energy, coal is just as significant to traders as oil and gas. The global economy is impacted by changes in coal prices, just as they are by variations in oil and natural gas prices.

3 Advanced Tips For Obtaining Coal Prices With An API

-Many investors use numerous online platforms that offer monetary data on shifting movements to gather metrics in order to determine the price of heating oil. Many of them offer various levels of membership and use APIs to collect commodity data, which makes them incredibly accessible.

-Because of this, you should always use a reliable web platform that provides a commodities pricing API anytime you need to discover the prices of coal.

-Consider the API provider when selecting an API for commodity prices. Since many of the APIs accessible today come from questionable sources and frequently break, make sure it is from a reputable vendor.

So, now that you have learnt 3 tips for obtaining coal prices with an API, we suggest using Commodities API. With Commodities API you will be able to get coal prices in just a few seconds. Moreover, it is really simple to use, and it can be used in almost all our personal digital devices.

3 Advanced Tips For Obtaining Coal Prices With An API

In order to learn how to start using Commodities API to enjoy its benefits, follow these simple steps:

-Open a new account on

-An API Key must be generated for the connection.

-Choose a product and its monetary value.

-The application will respond to a request you make through the gateway with an API response.

Concerning Commodities API

A service called Commodities-API provides market statistics for a range of commodities, such as coffee, cereal, and oils, for a price. Customers can buy them via an API, which can be established with partner banks in less than a minute. The website has API documentation for simple usage.

Due to its user-friendly features and precise data, Commodities API has been one of the most popular alternatives among business owners and developers. It can access more than 170 different coin types and get data with a two-decimal place precision.

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