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3 Alternatives To DomainTools For Domain Reputation API

Are you looking for a tool that can assist you in enhancing the security of your company´s site? Then, check this article because here we will present to you 3 alternativas to domain tools for domain reputation API.

Today, domain reputation APIs are used by many companies around the world to protect their own image, data and sensitive information. These ultimate technology APIs make it possible to know whether a site is safe or not, and therefore generate lists of websites that should be blocked from a company’s internal networks. They are ideal for preventing fraud, pishing, information theft and cyber attacks.

They also provide useful information to know for sure how a site is read by Google search engines, in which category they are placed by them and thus improve the placement of ads. They can also tell if a site’s content is inappropriate for children, which is essential for Google to promote or not a site in the searches that thousands and thousands of Internet users make every day. 

Finally, these APIs also provide a confidence score that represents the level of confidence that a site has for its visitors, representing 100 totally safe, and 0 not at all safe. A company should constantly strive to have the highest possible confidence score in order to protect its brand image.

In order to achieve this and to provide this information, they use cutting-edge techniques. The results of a reverse IP lookup are examined in addition to a domain’s WHOIS information, name server setups, IP address infrastructure, SSL connections made by the target domain, SSL certificates, DNX MX record setup, associated mail server settings, and SSL certificates.

Therefore, to find out the status of your site or the sites it is linked to, we recommend that you use one of these domain APIs. 

Children Safety And Domain Reputation API

You can quickly find out if a website is safe for children and secure by conducting a search with this API, available on the Zyla API Hub. However, this API might also help you avoid scams and objectionable websites. Therefore, using this API to improve security at any level is highly recommended.

Children Safety And Domain Reputation API is extremely easy-to-use. The safety status (which indicates that the domain is “safe” and secure”), confidence rating (where 100 denotes the best reputation), and child safety rating are all returned by the domain reputation and child safety API (which also runs from 1 to 100). There will also be a confidence rating and a list of categories associated with the domain you examined.

This API endpoint examines a domain name to determine whether it has ever been employed to set up emails, conduct attacks, or participate in other destructive activities. The score is based on the domain’s reputation; the riskier the domain, the lower the score. High-rated domains will have a positive score, whereas neutrality will have a score of zero. Developers and product companies can utilize to instantly determine whether their present or potential consumers have been labeled “abusers” by one or more third parties.

Domain Reputation API

Using the Domain Reputation API, you may rapidly audit your own domain, another person’s domain, or an IP address. The technology considers hundreds of variables when determining reputation scores. The website’s content, connections to other domains, host configuration, and whether the domain has been marked as potentially hazardous in any of the several malware data feeds that are readily accessible online can all be examined. It can provide details on the WHOIS record for the domain, nameserver setup, and mail exchanger (MX) record setup.

These are the 3 alternatives to domain tools for domain reputation API. You can start trying them and find out which one suits better for you!

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