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How To Score The Reputation Of Any URL Using An API

Are you wondering how to score the reputation of any URL using an API? Then, read to the end because here we will present to you the best API for doing this and share with you a quick guide on how to use it!

Achieving a site’s reputation score is not an easy matter, as there are many issues to take into account regarding the structure of the URL itself and issues concerning its content. However, there are APIs, -software programmes-, that have been developed specifically to be able to find out in a matter of seconds the reputation score of any website.

The reputation score of a site basically indicates the level of trust it represents for its visitors, i.e. the possibility of receiving cyber-attacks, being a victim of fraud or information theft. This is why it is highly recommended to analyse the company’s own site with one of these APIs, in order to know what image its visitors will receive from it and to be able to make adjustments when necessary.

The reputation score is also analysed by Google search engines when promoting a site in the searches made by its users, or when placing ads on a page. It should be noted that Google rewards and promotes pages whose content it considers appropriate and whose reputation score is high.

By using one of these APIs, you will get the reputation score or confidence score of any URL in a matter of seconds, as well as a list of categories the site is associated with. As a result, these domain APIs will provide a yes/no answer as to whether the site is, considering various elements, secure or not.

In order to provide an accurate response, these APIs check a domain’s WHOIS information, name server settings, IP address infrastructure, SSL connections made by the target domain, SSL certificates, DNX MX record settings, associated mail server settings, and the results of a reverse IP lookup.

Nowadays, there are many score reputation APIs available on the market, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the most accurate and reliable one. That’s why, in the section below, we’ll introduce you to what we consider to be the best one to use in 2022.

What Is The Most Accurate Score Reputation API?

The domain reputation API that we consider to be the best and most accurate in 2022 is called Domain Reputation And Children Safety API, and you can find it on the Zyla API Hub. Its platform also makes it the fastest and easiest to use, providing answers in just a few moments.

By using a search engine, you can quickly determine whether a website is safe for children and secure. On the other side, this API might help you stay away from scams and offensive websites. As a result, this API is highly suggested for improving security at all levels, but in especially for schools searching for a useful and simple solution to increase student safety.

The confidence level, which ranges from 1 to 100, the kid safety level, which also ranges from 1 to 100, and the safety status—which in a secure domain signals “safe”—will all be recovered. You will also be given a confidence score and a list of categories so that you can quickly determine if URLs contain explicit or illegal content.

Quick Guide On How To Use It

As aforementioned, we will now share with you a quick guide on how to use this and to find out the score reputation of any URL or domain. 

  1. Choose the Domain Reputation and Children Safety API from the Zyla API Hub.
  2. Create an API Key and verify your human status.
  3. Enter the URL being investigated and analyzed.
  4. Analyze the results to determine which domains need to be blocked.

We have already explained to you how to score the reputation of any domain by using an API, and introduced you to the most accurate and simplest domain API available. Give it a try and prove it by yourself!

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