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3 APIs That Can Give You Crude Oil Market Prices Data In Minutes

Are you looking for an API that can give you crude oil market prices data in minutes? If so, you are in luck! Here are the best APIs for you!

As you may know, commodities are unprocessed natural resources, like food; that are either directly or indirectly used to produce other items. There are various ways to invest in them. For instance, oil is a commodity that is utilized to create a variety of goods and services. Airlines spend a lot of money on fuel for their planes, and the price of oil may have a big impact on how profitable an airline is.

Now, whether you are an investor or trader, you should be aware that the price of crude oil has been more unpredictable than ever in the past year. This is a result of several factors, which include, among other things, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine; the flight from a recession brought on by the pandemic; and global political developments.

3 APIs That Can Give You Crude Oil Market Prices Data In Minutes

Three APIs That Can Give You Commodities Prices In Minutes

To keep track of these changes; you need a platform that will provide you with the most recent data on the commodity you desire every day. Therefore, to help you in your search for the best API for commodities prices, we suggest you use one of these three APIs. These tools are the best on the market today, and they cna provide you with crude oil market prices data in minutes!


The prices of many commodities, including wheat, rice, coffee, and sugar, are shown by the well-known and dependable service Commodities-API. Many developers and companies looking for reliable commodity data currently prefer this one over others. After gathering it from more than 15 reliable data sources; including banks and financial institutions, it immediately makes commodity data available to you.

3 APIs That Can Give You Crude Oil Market Prices Data In Minutes

Additionally, all commodity data is provided in real time, with a frequency of up to 60 seconds and accuracy to two decimal places in over 170 different currencies! Whats more, currently, Commodities-API offers three different plans, with the professional one allowing you to submit up to 100.000 API queries per month and receive data updates every 60 seconds!

Commodity Price API From Nasdaq Data Link

Another well-known website to find financial, economic, and alternative datasets is Nasdaq Data Link. A Commodity Price API is one of the many financial data APIs that are available. You will have access to about 100 different commodities, including the prices of metals; and oil, with this API at your disposal.

3 APIs That Can Give You Crude Oil Market Prices Data In Minutes

Additionally, this simple API gives you access to historical commodity prices as well as daily spot pricing. With its array of software tools, including R and Python, Nasdaq Data Link is without a doubt one of the easiest ways to search for and download commodity prices.

Commodity Data API By Barchart

Having been around for a long time, Barchart is a highly well-liked commodity service. One of the earliest websites to provide knowledge on commodities and futures markets is its own. The company that offers this service right now also offers market data and services to the commodities, financial media, and other industries.

3 APIs That Can Give You Crude Oil Market Prices Data In Minutes

Barchart’s in-house data, software, and technological innovations power the company’s diverse clientele’s operations from front to backend. News articles, journals, and internet information are also part of its entertainment operations, which help market and financial specialists make judgments.

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