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3 APIs To Make More Profit In Crude Oil Trading

Do you know that you can invest in oil? Would you be interested in generating profits by investing in the stock market? Read this article about three money exchange platforms that will help you make this process easier!

Petroleum is a mixture of hydrocarbons that is found naturally in underground deposits in the upper strata of the earth’s crust, and is dark in color and has a strong odor, black in color and lighter than water; fractional distillation produces products of great industrial importance such as gasoline, kerosene, tar, solvents, and so on.

Only sedimentary rocks contain oil. Petroleum is made up mostly of the remnants of living aquatic creatures, plants, and animals that formerly existed in oceans, lagoons, river mouths, and other areas near the sea.

For another year, the United States was the world’s biggest oil producer, with around 16.5 million barrels per day produced in 2021. With more than nine million barrels per day, Russia and Saudi Arabia were rated second and third, respectively.

But although these numbers show a great gain, with the latest war events between Ukraine and Russia, oil fell sharply. Because of this, economics experts need to stay fully up to date on prices and how to get this commodity stabilized again. To do this, we recommended the most efficient platforms in the market:


It looks to be the most affordable option. This is a webpage that allows you to keep track of the pricing of numerous items. Finally, you’ll be able to accurately calculate and convert rates to your preferred currency. This online API delivers accurate rate data in a variety of currencies for a large range of commodities. Commodities-API started off as a simple, open-source API enabling financial organizations to get current and historical commodity prices.


Barchart was one of the first sites to offer commodities and futures market data. Is a global financial technology firm that serves the financial, media, and commodities industries with market data and services. It provides you with the commodity prices you require, when you require them, and it delivers them to you immediately. These open-source data APIs are simple to use, versatile, and on-demand.


CommoPrices offers data that is reliable, accurate, and up to date. They provide a wide range of goods and raw materials. The amount of data included in a market determines its liquidity. You may learn more about a commodity by going to and searching for it. They encrypt queries between your browser and their servers using HTTPS for security reasons.

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