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3 CheckPhish Alternatives For Obtaining Better Results

Are you unsatisfied with the APIs that you have tried for phish detection? Stay here because we have to show you three alternatives to a very-known API like CheckPhish. We’ll let you know about the best options to fight against phish and obtain better results.

The Phish Detection APIs use machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to detect these assaults. It examines an email or website’s content and compares it to recognized phishing patterns. If there is a match, the attack is classified as phishing. Real-time phishing detection APIs can be used to detect phishing assaults. They are also capable of scanning emails and webpages.

Checkphish is an API that allows developers to determine whether a given URL leads to a phishing site. It returns a JSON object with a “success” property set to true if the URL is a phishing site and false otherwise. To determine whether a given URL is likely to be part of a phishing campaign, it employs a sophisticated detection engine that employs a number of heuristics and machine learning techniques. There is no need for registration or authentication.

Phish Scanner API

The Zyla Labs Phish Scanner API provides a real-time feed of phishing attacks from around the world. The Phish Scanner API enables you to programmatically access and integrate the data, as well as scan URLs for phishing risks and retrieve the results. The API can be used for any type of project, including image and PDF file scanning.

It is available in a variety of languages and is extremely simple to set up. This tool has a useful feature in that it has different scanning modes that allow users to scan at different rates depending on the number of items to be scanned at the same time. The faster the scanner velocity, the more objects that can be scanned at the same time without having to pause for a second to scan the next item in line.

Filestack Virus & Malware Detection API

With Filestack API you can scan every file uploaded for viruses and malicious programs, regardless of file type. Filestack’s virus detection capabilities allow it to scan any file, from images and video files to PDF documents, to ensure a secure document upload every time.

Filestack Workflows can also be used to integrate virus detection into your app. These workflows are used to scan for and automatically detect malicious programs or potentially dangerous viruses, quarantine them, and notify users.

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PhishER by KnowBe4

This API automates the prioritization of email messages based on rules you define that categorize messages as Clean, Spam, or Threat. It enables you to supplement your message analysis and prioritization with PhishML, a PhishER machine-learning module.

You can also use PhishRIP, PhishER’s new email quarantine feature for Microsoft 365 and G Suite, to search for, find, and remove email threats. It is simple to integrate with KnowBe4’s email add-in button, Phish Alert, or forwarding to a mailbox.

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