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Best Alternatives To Phishtank API In 2022

Did you know that there are other great alternatives to Phishtank API that can help you avoid phishing attacks? Read this article to find out the best option in the market in 2022 and all its details.

PhishTank, a community portal run by Cisco Talos Intelligence Group, is an API where anybody can submit, verify, track, and exchange phishing data but it does not provide protection. It is an information hub that tries to shed light on some of the Internet’s dark corners. PhishTank gives factual, actionable information to anyone attempting to identify bad actors for themselves or others. The only personally identifying information requested by this community is a valid email address, as they need to credit reporting and validation to individual accounts so that the community can learn to judge each member’s contribution.

Developers may immediately identify phishing emails and attempts by utilizing a phish scanner, allowing them to take actions to safeguard their users against attacks on personal information that are sometimes difficult to detect by network security devices. Nowadays, there are numerous solid options on the market that may assist you in keeping your business secure, therefore to spare you time, we have highlighted the top three alternatives to Phishtank.

Phish Scanner API by Zyla Labs

This API can be used by cybersecurity professionals and hobbyists to improve domain monitoring and anti-phishing procedures, as well as to develop new OSINT security solutions. The Phish Scanner API by Zyla Labs provides a Phish Score to any URL submission and returns a rich feature set that customers can use to create informative dashboards or intelligent applications based on the features of each Phish.

Every developer who signs up receives a personal API access key, which is a string of letters and digits that grants access to the API endpoint. Include your bearer token in the Authorization header to utilize the Phish Scanner API REST API. The Phish Scanner API is intended to be simple and straightforward. It is a quick and efficient approach to scan and identify phishing emails, and it gives users with a report describing the scan results.

PhishingBox API

The PhishingBox API provides a comprehensive set of methods for accessing and manipulating data in your PhishingBox account. Organizations can import targets, launch training or testing campaigns, and receive reporting via API calls.

This API can be integrated into a wide range of applications, systems, and business workflows like Security Dashboard Integration, Third Party Target Management and Custom Front-end.

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VirusTotal API

The Virus Total API works by allowing users to submit files or URLs for scanning, and returns results from over 60 different antivirus engines. Community accounts include an API key, which can be used to write simple scripts to automate scans and lookups.

Perform your file uploads programmatically to assist the antivirus industry in gathering new threats, connect your malware hunting infrastructure to VirusTotal, and enrich your analyses with advanced contextual information about malicious Internet behaviors.

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