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3 Euronext Rates APIs For Independent Developers

Are you a programmer or developer and want to start investing? Read this article and discover these three softwares for commodities rates API!

Euronext is a european platform for stock exchange that provides a variety of selling and post-trade solutions. Popular trading investments on Euronext N.V. comprise authorized stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETF), warrants and certificates, bonds, derivatives, commodities, foreign currency, and indexes.

However, Euronext experienced from a European money drain in September 2022. They are optimistic about the long term because of a better harmonized tax structure and simplified procedures in the IPO process. Quarterly fee income fell, but not sufficient to excuse the company’s poor performance in contrast to its competitors.

3 Euronext Rates APIs For Independent Developers

As a trader, one could have encouraged to purchase Euronext-listed shares or to invest in financial instruments such as tracking service financing that are predicated on Euronext-traded equities. The governance and ownership of exchanges such as Euronext are covered in the financial media.

It was founded in 2000 to capitalize on the financial prospects presented by the euro’s introduction in 1999, but it emphasizes its lengthy history: “Our origins are deep: for four centuries, the exchanges that today compose Euronext have been at the core of European financial industries.

It argues that its awareness of localized businesses, along with its pan-European reach, distinguishes it as a distinct industry. It now has around 4,000 listed businesses, resulting in a market cap of approximately $30.5 trillion.

Euronext is a platform that handles various commodities from the European continent, but, as we see before, it can have flaws or mistakes, so we bring you these three platforms that are commonly used by developers that will give you the best and most accurate data on the European market.


3 Euronext Rates APIs For Independent Developers

Commodities-API It’s a commercial commodity that gives statistics by an API that provides commodity stock prices such as wheat, rice, coffee, and sugar. Examine the website, acquire an API key, and then select the appropriate currency and commodity to retrieve data. That’s all there is to it, and now you can utilize the API however you see fit. The Commodities-API may provide data in any currency, to two decimal places, from a list of around 170 options. Subscribers can make up to 10,000 API requests per monthly and get changes every 60 seconds.

Trading Economics

3 Euronext Rates APIs For Independent Developers

Trading Economics needs to update statistics on government bonds, stock indexes, stock prices, and foreign exchange rates. Thousands of businesses might also obtain basic financial resources. Businesses have direct access to data via an application programming interface (API) provided in a range of programming systems. Through this commodities prices API, you may check an earnings calendar, download millions of rows of historical data, and subscribe to real-time quotations from global financial firms.


3 Euronext Rates APIs For Independent Developers

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