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3 Things To Consider For Finding The Best Image Classification API

Do you want to find the best image classification API? If so, you are in luck! Here are three things to consider when finding the best one!

The truth is that the digital world is constantly evolving. With every passing second, more content is created and uploaded to the web; be it social media, or commerce websites. However, if this content is not categorized, it will be difficult to appear in search engines and can even hinder the user experience.

This is why today we rely on cutting-edge techniques such as machine learning algorithms; as the huge amount of unstructured image data we receive from cameras and sensors makes efficient image analysis difficult. This necessary image classification is, without a doubt, the most important part of digital image analysis; and best of all, you just need to have an image classification API to be able to apply it in your own projects.

What Is A Image Classification API?

APIs for image classification have been around for a while; and have been used in many industries, including marketing, healthcare, retail and more. These tools uses AI-based deep learning models to evaluate photographs, and accurately detect and categorize them. What’s more, the results already surpass human accuracy in several tasks (e.g. face recognition).

3 Things You Should Consider When Choosing The Right API For You

Here are the most important things to consider when choosing an image classification API. Choose one that meets the following three criteria:

  • Ensures improved search outcomes. An API for image classification helps improve photo SEO optimization. Viewers will be able to locate the precise image they require by searching for pertinent keywords for that image. So you should look for one that allows to try it for no-cost and evaluate the results.
  • It has to come from a reputable API provider. Nowadays, there are many APIs available on the Internet, but not all of them are accurate of even safe-to-use. So, when choosing the right API, keep in mind where it comes from.
  • Ensures improved user experience. With the use of an image classification API; it is possible to create a user experience that automatically groups pictures into pre-determined categories like “food” or “tops,” etc. Thus you should search for an API that offers several features for object categorization.

Therefore, if you want to get started with this kind of API, we advise using a trustworthy API that’s both: efficient and cost-effective. Luckily for you, we have the perfect one! This API has recently become extremely popular owing to its effectiveness; we are referring to Clapicks.

Clapicks uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify and categorize various objects in photos with just one click. Furthermore, this tool is perfect for eCommerce websites and independent developers because it only needs the image URL to analyze.

How To Get Started With This API

  • First of all, sign up to open a Clapicks account. You will then be given an API key, which you must use each time you communicate with the API.
  • In order to make API calls, check your API key next. This is quick and easy. Your bearer token should be added to the permission header.
  • Provide the URL of the image you want to categorize.
  • Call the API and wait a short while for the responses.

And that’s it! Clapicks will answer in a couple of seconds with a precise and useful classification.

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