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5 keys to choose the best workspace for your startup

If you are specifying all the key points in relation to launching a startup and you are still deciding what your workspace will be, take care of the following key key points before choosing an office.

The space and the working environment are key key points for the success of a business, since within it are the factors -both propitious and negative- of both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, the productivity of the workers is promoted and the adequate technical infrastructure to carry out the tasks.

In this 21st century we have very different alternatives and the work spaces have diversified, especially for startups. In addition to conventional offices, some companies prefer shared offices, coworking spaces or decentralization through the hiring of freelancers and remote workers. Workers of companies like WordPress, in fact, have already renounced physical offices.

To help you select the working space where your startup activity will take place, pay attention to the following factors.

Take into account the nature and corporate culture of your business

The first consideration when looking for your office space is the nature of your business, its size, requirements and specific needs. The ideal space should be large enough to accommodate all your staff and carry out the corresponding operations and tasks. Obviously, if your startup includes the manufacture of a product, the space must be able to house the machinery, the equipment, the different levels of person or the storage of the product. If it is the development of an app or the creation of a digital tool, you must have cutting edge technology and, perhaps, outsource to someone externally.

Before deciding on the space, it is essential that you have at hand the business plan or Business Plan, which details the fundamental planning of the business, its processes, its financing methods and its possibilities to scale. Remember that the size of the office is important so as not to generate unproductive, dangerous environments or that do not comply with current sanitary regulations. In addition, it is important that you attend to factors such as light, color or temperature to promote productivity and employee motivation.

Profitability as a driving factor

It is important to adjust the budget -both its minimum and maximum level- before starting to shuffle and contrast options to host your startup project. The space should be an investment in the future that guarantees safety, comfort and good work performance of employees, that can align with a positive corporate culture, with practices of conciliation and flexible working hours and with the necessary technical equipment.

It is very important to take a look at the possible charges and the letter of the contract, study the modalities of rent – monthly, annual, etc – and calculate the needs to modify or reform the facilities according to the characteristics of your business. The profitability and the return of the investment in the medium-long term should be fundamental points when making the decision.

Layout of space and design

Depending on the design, the structure, the rooms and the square meters of the office, the furniture and equipment may or may not fit in the different spaces and offices to which you take a look. It is important that you check the materials, the optimal state of the water system, lighting, heating and air conditioning, the comforts and the rooms intended for reception, meetings or computer equipment.

Depending on whether you are going to serve the clients in it, the number of employees, the gamification strategies or the services you want to provide to your staff, such as the cooking option, the parking, the gym or the rest rooms, leisure or practice activities such as yoga or meditation, you must choose one space or another. If you want to design an ecological or sustainable office, there are also different factors to pay attention to.

Relevant location

It is important to emphasize that still many people trust brands with physical locations where they can meet owners and find information about the business. Especially if you are going to receive potential clients in your office, a central location and a careful design are important to work a reputation and a positive brand image. It will depend on your budget the possibility of accessing a privileged location or settle for a more modest one.

You should also evaluate the time that employees will take to access the office, the availability of parking and private parking, security and access to other facilities such as restaurants and recreational facilities, the functioning of the WiFi network in that area of the city, traffic flows or urban transport lines.

Terms of the contract

Finally, do not forget to read carefully the terms of the contract after inspecting the space thoroughly and make sure it is the right one for your startup. Do not sign it before reading and studying all the terms and clarifying the economic implications of the binding charges and clauses. Above all, it is important to set the lease period according to the business plan, your mobility opportunities or the escalation strategy.

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