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6 startups that are generating ingenious solutions with Blockchain

Renewable energy trade, remittance services, digital content protection, civil works management, and more. In recent times, various projects that apply Blockchain technology have begun to emerge on Chilean soil with the aim of building ingenious solutions in various industries. Among them, some are driving more sustainable markets or fighting plagiarism…

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Fintech startup SoFi will launch crypto operations through a partnership with Coinbase

This Business Adopted Bitcoin 4 Years Ago And Nobody Used It Yet. The crypto world is full of very interesting stories. The story of a small business in the United Kingdom, Seymour Locksmiths, is interesting but somewhat tragic, though. This story was originally reported by The Next Web’s Hard Fork.…

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Business: 7 questions to Webmag

Webmag is developing a platform for digital corporate publishing and is currently funded by Media Lab Bayern. With Webmag, companies can create customer magazines and product brochures cheaply and easily. The two founders explain their startup. Who are you and what are you doing? Please introduce yourself and your product…

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