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9 ways to get the most out of Quora

Quora, the community of questions and answers, is monopolizing comments and news lately and, although it is known as the social network of knowledge, it is really not only for the technological elite but, properly used, it is an abundant source of resources for all types of tastes and interests. Companies and other organizations can take great advantage of this new platform and, therefore, Heather Whaling, president of Geben Communication, has published in 9 ways Mashable companies can begin to participate in this community.

1. Strengthens the customer experience

Control the mentions that are made of your company. To do this, start by looking up your company’s name and, if it is already a Quora issue, follow it to receive alerts every time a new question is asked about it. Quora can be a customer service platform for companies, as it allows responding to complaints and criticisms, and the representatives of companies can participate as sources of information.

2. Look for competitors

With a simple search on Quora you can find out what the competition is doing and what others are saying about it, since many times interesting information about certain companies is offered. In addition, Quora shares some interesting ideas about different business models of companies.

3. Connect with journalists

Quora can be quite useful if you want the media to talk about your company. Before launching into a media outlet, it can be interesting to study how Quora’s answers can help you. In addition, soon, this platform will become an information tool for journalists. As Andy Carvin, director of strategy at NPR, says, “it can be used for searches by reporters, who follow conversations on different topics to understand the ideas of the stories. In addition, it is only a matter of time until reporters begin to use it more directly as an informative source, asking questions about the subject they are investigating. ”

4. Adopt extensive dialogue

Networks such as Twitter and Facebook have made communication very simple, but in Quora they have opted for more extensive communication. In this platform what is valued is the depth and breadth of knowledge, so now you have to think beyond the 140 characters.

5. Expand your network

If you want to connect with people with similar interests, follow the topics that reflect what you like. Whatever you want to discuss, there are people in Quora that you can meet.

6. Get experience

If you write intelligent and interesting answers to the key topics in Quora, users will begin to perceive your experience in that topic. Strengthen your credentials with a reputation as an expert in a subject and soon people will start asking for your participation in some issues.

7. Shorten the learning process

Quora is very useful to find out how to get financial support or increase the number of followers in a social network, since many conversations are about growth strategies or resources. But in the Quora community there are also conversations about how to tie a tie, travel with children or prepare dinner.

8. Cultivate existing relationships

An interesting way to maintain relationships that already exist is to send emails with links to articles or blogs. With Quora a new dimension is opened to this technique and links can be sent to specific questions via email. Still, be careful not to look like an aggressive salesperson.

9. Take advantage of popular topics

Search for topics beyond those you follow in your Quora network. Relevant topics for your industry or experience that generate interest in users can give you ideas for blogs, newsletters and other forms of communication.

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