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Youtube Music: Will Spotify’s death be?

Google’s new music service Youtube Music has many similarities with Spotify but can already shake its competitor with new features and better search results, Di Digital and M3 write.

Youtube Music, like the YouTube service, includes videos.

But here are music videos, live performances and interviews with artists that complement the music range in the app. It is available in two variants – a free version of advertising and a premium version without advertising.

“In comparison, Spotify and Apple are the classic retailers where musicians do not actually know what their consumers are. Looking at Snapchat and Instagram are the classic social media platforms. The only place where record companies and artists can do everything at the same time, earn money, get acquainted with the consumer and interact socially with their audience is on Youtube. ”

Google, who owns YouTube Music, has transferred his expertise in the search area to the music service that completely crushes in delivering results even when you can not find an artist name and song name, but for example searches for song lyrics, both M3 and Di Digital write. The interface is similar to Spotify in many parts, but a simplified feature is how to create a new playlist. And the video feature Hotlist is somewhat inconsistent and should be done better, M3 also finds that:

“Spotify, however, has a larger library of official music, wiser setting options and more easy-to-play playlists” as well as better sound quality.

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