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A data platform for new startups to boost their business

InterSystems and Global Accelerated Ventures (GAV) have tackled a new innovation program. Which is aimed at new companies in the areas of financial technology, health, logistics and data analysis. With this, these new startups will be able to develop software solutions, prepared for the market and adjusted to potential customers, based on InterSystems IRIS Data Platform.

InterSystems IRIS data platform

Working with InterSystems, the selected startups will have unlimited access to the InterSystems IRIS data platform. Which allows rapid development of data-intensive solutions. These companies will also have assistance for the development of applications, access to partner channels and initial capital for their growth. GAV will support market launch planning, including communications, research and growth, through its Centers of Excellence.

“We are very pleased to approach this program with GAV and the startup community. At InterSystems, we are passionate about technology and innovation. There is a lot of talent in the startup ecosystem that can help redefine future business models. Collaboration is key, as this partnership demonstrates,” says Carlos Nogueira, General Manager of InterSystems IRIS Data Platform.

How startups will be selected to participate in the program

InterSystems and GAV will select startups for global markets in the IT, Health, Fintech, Logistics or Big Data industries in order to participate in the program. The startups have to meet the following criteria:

  • Must be operational.
  • Its founders must demonstrate their knowledge and competence in the sectors in which they intend to operate.
  • Provide a solid business model and a team fully committed to success.
  • The selected startups must migrate to InterSystems IRIS Data Platform.

The program for startups with InterSystems is a unique opportunity that can lead to boost these companies and grow their business exponentially.  “By boosting our respective networks of incubators, accelerators, partners and resources, we can help startups take advantage of new business opportunities. We are looking forward to working with these companies in collaboration with InterSystems.” Affirms Thomas Buchar, co-founder and Managing Director of GAV.

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