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A Forex API Can Be Useful For Investments?

Do you want to gain money but don’t know where to invest? Been there! Fortunately, a Forex API can assist you.

If you’re an international trader, or if you work in an industry where you need to convert currencies, there’s an important thing that you may already to know: it’s not easy to stay updated on currencies and currency rates. There are a lot of places that you need to search for information. And, it can take up a lot of time – so much time that it might even cost you good-investment opportunities!

In addition, we know that making financial decisions can be a nerve-wracking experience for many people. Because you have so many options and little information, you might choose the wrong one without knowing. So, if we sum up hours of searching for updated data with stressful experience, we have the perfect recipe for chaos. Most likely, this will affect your investment decisions, and that’s not good at all!

But what if we told you a Forex API can avoid all of these problems?

A Forex API Can Be Useful For Investments?

How can a Forex API help you with your investments

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. In terms of forex trading, it provides users with live and historical currency rates through different providers. This means:

  • Faster processing – With Forex data APIs, the information you need is delivered directly to your website or application. No need to search elsewhere for rates and currency conversions.
  • Real time data – Forex data is usually available in real time. So you will always be up-to-date with rates to make well-informed decisions.
  • Streamlined costs – No need to pay for expensive software licenses and upgrades. The maintenance cost is low; and if you choose well, even free.
  • Customizable reports – You can use Forex APIs to create custom reports, graphs and export data whenever you need it. This will help you analyze and compare your options for investment.

So, if you are ready to take the leap, we will gladly recommend you the perfect Forex API for you!

Invest in Exchangr

Exchangr is a foreign exchange API that utilize JSON data to provide up-to-date rates, and currency conversion. By using forex data gathered from several banks and trusted sources, Exchangr provides 164 currencies and 8 cryptocurrencies rates. If we multiply them, you will get an amount of 30.000 currency pairs, which is insane!

Furthermore, you can get real-time currency information, plus historical data on the currency. Meaning that you can analyze its value and predict its high and low points. With all this information at the tip of your fingers, you can know exactly where and when to invest.

And by the way, this tool is incredibly cheap (so it’s perfect for investment). On one hand, it offers you a Free Plan that is super complete. And on the other, its Subcription Plans starts at USD 10 monthly. This makes Exchangr ideal for startups!

A Forex API Can Be Useful For Investments?

What can I do if I have trouble using Exchangr?

We are glad that you asked. Exchangr is an easy-to-use API, in just three steps you will obtain your information:

  • Sign up here and obtain your API key
  • Select the currencies to obtain rates, or convert
  • Make the API call

But, if you have trouble with any of those steps, you can always check out Exchangr’s Documentation (click here to see it). There you will find a detailed guide that explains this API structure, its methods, how to execute API calls, and code examples that demonstrate how to communicate with Exchangr’s endpoints. It’s so convenient!

Also, for more information, you can go to the Frecuent Asked Questions page by clicking here. We are sure this will dissipate all your doubts!

And that’s all! You are all set to start investing with the help of Exchangr!

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