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How Can You Leverage Forex APIs To Offer Currency Conversion

Do you want to offer currency conversion to your coustumers/clients? If so, great! Forex APIs are here to help you!

As you may know, a Foreign Exchange (Forex) application programming interface (API) is an online tool that allows you to see and download forex data, as well as currency conversion rates. This kind of instrument can be integrated into your website or application, so you can present forex data at any moment.

In the past, most companies used APIs provided by banks or other financial institutions. However, these APIs were expensive and often unreliable. For example, you couldn’t count on getting the best rates or having access to your funds right away. As a result, many businesses chose to just stick with one currency. This led to losing potential customers, which meant eventually losing money.

Fortunately, nowadays anyone can use a Forex API without spending a single cent. You only need a computer, and a good Internet connection. But, since there are a lot of APIs out there, it can be difficult to choose the perfect one for you. That is why, we want to help you by recommending you the greatest Forex API out there.

How Can You Leverage Forex APIs To Offer Currency Conversion

Offer Currency Conversion with Exchangr API

When conducting business online, you want to ensure that your customers do not encounter any unexpected fees as they conduct business with you on another continent. With Exchangr this is possible, because is a Forex API that uses JSON data to deliver accurate foreign exchange rates and currency conversion.

Thanks to its Drupal Module & WordPress Plugin, this API can be integrated easily into your website, without the need of coding it. This way, Exchangr allows you to dynamically update foreign exchange rates and currency conversion. And so on, your customers will always know exactly how much they will pay before making a purchase!

Exchangr provides accurate and reliable forex data that is gathered from several reputable financial sources. That’s how this API offers 172 world currencies, which includes 164 currencies, plus 8 cryptocurrencies!

Furthermore, this Forex API offers several advanced features, including: historical data, conversion of single amounts, switching of Source Currency, currency’s change parameters, and more!

How Can You Leverage Forex APIs To Offer Currency Conversion

Is Exchangr easy-to-use?

Well, Exchangr is not only easy-to-use, but also free! You can start using it right now if you follow these simple steps:

  1. Click here to sign up and get your own API key. This is very important; because you will need this unique combination of numbers to access Exchangr’s endpoints.
  2. Select the coins you are most interested in. Depending of your needs, you can obtain their rates or conversions
  3. Make the API call. To do so we recommend you reading this API comprehensive Documentation by clicking here.

And in less than a minute you will get what you need!

Also, if you have any doubts about Exchangr’s API, you can visit the Frecuent Asked Questions site. There you will find answers for: General Questions; Data and Sources; API access and Features; and Plans, Pricing & Payment. Just click here and learn more!

With all said and done, you are now ready to leverage from Exchangr API. Get everything you need for you and your coustumers in one place!

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