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A Munich based startup developed AI software to analyze battery health status

The Munich startup Twaice cooperates with the Department of Vehicle Technology of the Technical University of Munich in the research project Bawaii. The goal is to predictive battery analysis is to be improved by the use of artificial intelligence.

The Munich startup Twaice has developed a software that uses so called digital twins to determine the health status of a lithium-ion battery. In the further development of their approach, the founders are now working together with the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The cooperation between research and industry runs under the project name Bawaii which means Battery Analytics with Artificial Intelligence. The startup itself emerged a year ago as a spin-off from the TUM.

Twaice and TUM scientists are working on efficient battery use

Vehicle manufacturers can use Twaice software to validate how well their battery system meets their needs. You will also receive predictions about the aging of the battery during development. This can then be interpreted accordingly. Some industrial groups are already among the customers of the startup.

The state funded project Bawaii is intended to provide opportunities to analyze the data generated when operating a battery in a meaningful way. The TUM researchers at the Chair of Professor Markus Lienkamp use test rigs and demonstrators for their investigations to verify calculations. Part of the task sharing is that TUM explores new methods and validates existing ones. While partners from business supply the underlying AI software and take over the testing of the developed method in real vehicles.

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