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A new crypto solution aims to simplify payments in Bitcoin & Co

A new solution from Zug Crypto Valley aims to simplify payments in Bitcoin & Co. Two partners from the luxury segment are already taking part, as has learned.

The announcement in the scene already took place in the run-up to the Zuger Summit Crypto Valley. Where Swiss blockchain aficionados make their rendezvous on Wednesday. Yesterday, guests of a VIP event were informed that they would soon be able to stop off at the Zurich luxury hotel Dolder with their Bitcoin and Ether.

This is made possible by the new smartphone application Inapay. Through the app, payments can be made in the most popular cryptocurrencies Bitcoin. In a next phase, more digital currencies will follow. Upon receipt of payment, these are posted at the market value in Swiss francs.

Ready in May

The service, which is managed by the Zug based Fintech Inacta and the western Swiss crypto specialists Bity, has already found two prominent partners. The five star Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich and the Kessel car dealership with branches in Lugano and Zug. Kessel deals with classic cars, luxury cars and sports cars but not yet with the popular under crypto affinities Lamborghinis, as it turns out.

The Inapay app is scheduled to go live with these partners at the beginning of May, before being made available to more customers later in the year.

In Switzerland, payments with Bitcoin & Co. have been possible for years. With the city of Zug playing a pioneering role. However, the processing was usually difficult, not least because of the management of the keys and the necessary audit. In addition, cryptocurrencies are limited because of the large fluctuations in value as Zahlungsunsgmittel.

Limits like cash

Numerous crypto empires were and are therefore faced with the problem of spending their assets in coins and tokens difficult to spend again.

This should be much easier with Inapay now. In order to prevent possible money laundering risks, the partners Dolder and Kessel stick to the industry standard limits for handling cash.

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