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Volkswagen and Amazon web services to develop industrial cloud

Volkswagen and Amazon, through its Amazon Web Services division, have signed a collaboration agreement. For several years for the joint development of the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud. Which will combine the data of machinery, plants and systems of all the facilities of the German automobile consortium.

According to the two companies, this project will optimize the production processes of Volkswagen. And also improvements in the productivity of the plants. So the cloud represents a requirement to achieve the productivity goals in the industrial field of the German firm.

Volkswagen Industrial Cloud

The automotive multinational foresees that, in the long term, its supply chain will have 30,000 locations from more than 1,500 suppliers And affirmed that its partners will be able to integrate into the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud.

The participation of Amazon Web Services in this project will allow the creation of an industrial platform. Open to other companies collaborating in the field of industry. Although in the future it will be possible to expand to the fields of logistics and sales.

Before this agreement, the CEO of Amazon Web Services, Andy Jassy, said that this industrial cloud of Volkswagen reinvent the processes of manufacturing and logistics. And stressed that represents a new example of how Volkswagen continues to innovate and lead.

The collaboration will have a profound impact

He said, the collaboration between Volkswagen and Amazon Web Services will have a profound impact on the efficiency and quality of production in the global supply chain of Volkswagen, while Volkswagen gets access to a broad and deep cloud with the greatest functionality, innovation, the highest performance and security and the largest community of collaborators and customers of any infrastructure provider.

Through this common project, in the medium term, about 220 specialists will work together in different Information Technology centers of Volkswagen. And also in the future Cloud Innovation Center that will be installed in Berlin.

The forecast of the two firms is that this industrial cloud and the first specific services begin to be operational at the end of the current year. To date, the work teams have already established 140 projects for integration.

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