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A new way to drive growth for startups

I’m excited to be sharing my new startup,, that I’m building here at Antler VC.

During my time with MediaFem and OLX, I’ve seen firsthand how important digital marketing is to the growth of a startup, and also how data is integral to running optimal ads that actually have a positive ROI.

I’ve seen my peers’ companies underperform because they burned too much cash on digital ads on Facebook or Google that simply had no returns.

My next adventure is solving this problem, and the team is doing this by connecting leading brands with the top 1% of performance marketers. We’re building a world-class network of high-performance marketers, and connecting them with their best-fit startups to scale their impact. All these complemented by our proprietary tech.

Our model

Brands will pay the media spent, the growth marketer and us only get paid a percentage of the CPA (or any measurable performance metric). So the growth marketer and we will only get paid if we drive results.

Example: A brand wants to run a Facebook ad campaign having $10.000 for media spent and is looking for 500 sales, so the “measurable metric” will a CPA of $20. We will charge a percentage of every sale our the brand made thanks for our growth marketer work with that media spent.

Help us spread the word

Friends, if you know a brand/startup struggling with their digital marketing, please comment or contact me here!

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  1. Great idea! Where can I go to find a marketer?

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