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A Spanish fintech is just one step away from operating like a traditional bank

The young Fintech Rebellion, just one year after its launch, has obtained the banking license of Electronic Money Entity in Lithuania. Rebellion is a Spanish fintech that offers a virtual card associated with an account for minors. Now, they are only one step away from getting a Credit Institution license. Which would allow them to operate like a traditional bank.

In short, Rebellion will offer the possibility of getting us with the card in its physical version. With this, it will be possible to withdraw cash free at ATMs twice a month. The physical card will have a monthly cost of 2.99 euros.

The app of Rebellion

The Rebellion application, which can be downloaded from both Apple Store and Google Play, allows us to have full control of our money, with real-time notifications. With the app, it is possible to send and receive money from our friends. In addition to the card, we will have an IBAN number, so we can make and receive transfers like those of a lifetime.

In Rebellion, they will not ask us to sign paperwork or go to make up the fine print. The long waits do not exist and the stays do not either.

On the other hand, minors between 14 and 18 years old must register with a legal guardian. The registration process, according to Rebellion, will not last more than three minutes.

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