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Accurate IP Locator Using API

Are you looking for an API-based IP locator that is accurate? This is an article that you should read.

IP locator using API is a professional tool for  companies because it provides the geographical location of users in real-time. Withing it, companies can use it to categorize customers based on their location and it is not necessary to ask the user. 

Accurate IP Locator Using API

Obtaining data will enable you to generate adverts depending on their location and, for example, create personalized experiences with messaging. Besides, provide a specialized product or service to deliver a better experience for your clients.

It’s difficult to compete in today’s industry when every company provides the same services or products. That’s why you must employ this technology in order to differentiate yourself from the competition and develop more effective company strategies.

To understand, IP is a numerical identification, such as, that identifies a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol to communicate. An IP address’s primary functions are network interface identification and location addressing.

What Is An API?

An application programming interface, which is a link between two computers or programs (API). It’s a software interface that allows it to communicate with other programs.

It is well-known for delivering real-time information about your website’s visitors, including city, country, continent, time zone, currency, security, latitude, and longitude.

Ipxapi  uses API that provides data in real-time about city, currency, time-zone, continent, calling code, and among other things. Besides, details on security solutions such as a proxy, crawler, and tor are also included.

The ipXapi database and API are connected to a number of big Internet service providers (ISPs), who give continuous updates on new and current IP ranges, resulting in extremely precise IP data.

Accurate IP Locator Using API

You’ll also receive monthly access to 10.000 free requests. The formats JSON, Python, and PHP Curl are all compatible. There are over 2 million unique places in over 200.000 cities all over the world covered.

How to use it

1- Go to and create an account.

2-Enter the IP address from which you want to gather data.

3- Send it out and wait for a response.

4- Download the API to your computer and use it whenever you need it.

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