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Advertise on Google Display: why I am interested (or not)

Maybe you’ve heard about that Google tool and you know it’s about advertising on Google. But you may ask yourself questions such as how your ads work? Can anyone use it?

Google Adwords has been the most successful advertising service for many years. Since 2008 it is known as Google Ads, but its operation has not changed much over time. The search engine was free of ads at first, but then they launched this platform to finance themselves … and it has done very well.

Surely you find Adwords ads daily: you search for a phrase or word on Google and see text ads at the top and near the bottom of the search page. But Google Ads is much more than that.

What is Google Display?

Ads can be displayed on different sites. Ads that are only text are mostly seen on the Google results page when you search. And also on search sites and search partners (other smaller search engines). All these spaces belong to the Search network.

And, on the other hand, we have the vast Display network. In this case, text ads are combined with image and video ads. The sites where they appear form the Display network and are more than two million. They can be Google’s own sites like YouTube, Gmail, Blogger, etc.

Disadvantages of the Display network

Many people who have already tried advertising on the Display network have not ended up very satisfied and have commented on some inconveniences or disadvantages:

  • Fewer clicks are received (lower CTR)
  • It is more difficult to configure
  • They don’t get so many sales

Actually, these are not real disadvantages. When someone advertises on Google, they must be clear about their objectives and how to execute the advertising strategy. The Display network can be even more efficient than the search network, depending on the case.

For example, in reference to the first drawback, it is true that the CTR is lower (around 1%) but is normal. When you use the search network, the user has a specific search intention, but on the display network he is consuming content when he suddenly sees your ad.

The second drawback is half true. Both Display and Search campaigns are equally difficult to set up “good”, so that they succeed.

Who says that sales are not achieved, probably because of poor campaign management. It is always advisable for someone who is professional and experienced.

Display network advantages

The interesting thing about this network is the scope. You can reach 90% of Internet users, even if they don’t usually search on Google.

On the other hand, the segmentation options of the Display network are many. It allows you to segment by keyword, locations, topics, interests and demographically. If you know your client’s profile well, you can find it more easily in the Display network than in the Search network.

How it integrates with Adwords

Campaigns are created just like search campaigns, from your Google Ads account. In addition, you have at your disposal the gallery of ads that allows you to create the graphic ads in an intuitive and simple way. They offer customizable ad templates and styles.

Also interesting is the option to advertise on YouTube and Gmail, where it seems that people are still more susceptible to advertisements.

Is it worth it for price and results?

Is the Display network profitable? As in everything, if you know how to use yes.

How to get it? You have to make a professional management of the campaigns. But, you should know that the important thing is to measure and optimize.

Activate conversion tracking as soon as possible because it will allow you to optimize campaigns and increase ROI (return on investment).

Take advantage of remarketing that is neither more nor less than showing specific ads to people who have already visited your website or have seen your ads.

The Display network deserves to be given a chance. But always at the hands of a company or some professional person in PPC to help you get the most out of your campaigns.

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