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AI-Powered Rewriting Tool With Paraphrasing API

Do you have a company in the writing business? We know about a service that can help your employees with their pieces.

Authors write many articles and essays on the same topic. Thus, it is only natural that they repeat words, sentences and maybe paragraphs. But search engines like Google punish duplicated or plagiarized content. That’s when paraphrasing tools come in. They rephrase any text by changing words and sentence structure. This way, rewriting tools generate new content without distorting the original meaning.

What’s more, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) benefit both organizations and customers since they may streamline procedures, improve communication, and facilitate data interchange, resulting in a better overall customer experience. They’ve improved the interoperability of various programs and created a wide range of online solutions and apps in any sector and every language. As a result, APIs are opening the way for new business and driving integration forward.

AI-Powered Rewriting Tool With Paraphrasing API

Therefore, APIs can be a great ally to businesses. And they can be more useful for those writing-oriented enterprises if they mix with paraphrasing tools. That is why today’s article will focus on an AI-powered rewriting tool with paraphrasing API.


Plaraphy is a fantastic software for writing blog posts, articles, and other online content, regardless of the purpose. For that reason, it is the perfect tool for marketing teams, content providers, students, and developers.

AI-Powered Rewriting Tool With Paraphrasing API

Plaraphy can rewrite any text into a unique form free of plagiarism. In detail, it interprets in a consistent way, guarantees readability, eliminates the risk of plagiarism, maintains a synonym scale, and helps you locate better word equivalents.

Plaraphy is a web-based API that enfolds a wide range of languages. Consequently, you’ll be able to write for almost every country on Earth. And if you want to access this AI-powered rewriter’s free version, you only have to sign up.

This package provides ten requests of up to 500 characters each. So you can obtain 5,000 characters of human-quality rewritten text every month. Moreover, Plaraphy is simple and easy to use:

  • Fill the given box with your text
  • Click on ‘Paraphrase’
  • Done! In seconds, you will have your work rephrased.

Do you see this API as a practical tool for your company and its employees? We want to know!

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