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All about CoinCola, the new crypto startup

Entrepreneurship companies in the cryptocurrency ecosystem is constantly growing, every day there are new opportunities for users, investors and new investors who want to earn fiat money, translated into bitcoin. Therefore, there is a new opportunity to generate wealth for large investors and users who understand and detect good opportunities. There is a new Startup called CoinCola, it is a very complete company, it has OTC, Exchange, it has everything for the purchase / sale of cryptocurrencies worldwide.

About the company

CoinCola is a market and exchange of OTC cryptocurrencies based in Hong Kong. The integrated platform has been designed from scratch to offer users the best experience in the cryptocurrency trade. It offers fast and secure commercial services at competitive rates and good exchange rates. Transactions can be of currency pairs.

Main goal

The goal is to provide safe and reliable business services for all, while they continuously work to improve with technology. The mission is to connect everyone to the new digital asset economy.

In a few words with CoinCola the user connects with the future of finance.

Also, from this new company, information is generated on everything that happens in the ecosystem of the cryptocurrency, users can access and learn about the latest events that happen around this unbeatable Startup, it is an opportunity to know everything about this exciting world of cryptocurrencies.


As general information as OTC reminds, better known as “over the counter”, which in Spanish means counter transaction, is composed of an electronic network, where the parties negotiate different financial contracts, in these transactions, you can negotiate investments in currencies, commodities, bonds, futures, etc. These operations are carried out between banks, brokers, financial institutions and corporate clients.

They are called counter transactions because those that operate are usually small companies and do not meet the requirements to be listed on the stock exchange, and generally bonds and financial debt instruments are not quoted in organized and standardized markets, therefore they are considered instruments OTC.


An easy way to buy / sell cryptocurrencies, they are negotiated in real time; bitcoin with payment in fiat money

Likewise, Startup has a way of rewarding investors and users for sharing the information, referrals will be able to venture into this new business and whoever refers it will get a reward, it is a constant win-win.

It is interesting to mention that this company has not only left the investor, it has all the support with valuable information to make this experience easier, it is a very interactive guide

When the reader wants to venture, it is necessary to make his registration, with great ease it can be done in a few steps.

This Christmas CoinCola company wants to reward their followers is easy, safe, attractive and above all you win, this is for a limited time, you can not stop earning a lot of money through bitcoin.

There is another possibility of obtaining a good profit, you can achieve it through Instagram, you become a follower of this ecosystem of cryptocurrencies, with the help of the Startup OTC Exchange CoinCola,

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