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Alternatives to CurrencyLayer for Precious Metals Rates

Currency plays a key role in the foreign metal industry and the world of international prices by serving as a medium of exchange in transactions.

Currencies such as the US dollar, the Pound Sterling or the Swiss franc are commonly used around the world to acquire a metal rate. Some companies that provide live and historical precious metal rates have released their APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) available to developers so that they can introduce current and historical metal rates, currency conversion, and other features into their apps.

There are several APIs available online to get precious metals live and historical prices, and if you want to try one, Bloomberg will be one of your first choices. However, if you look at what else is available on the market, you’ll find all sorts of excellent alternatives:


Alternatives to CurrencyLayer for Precious Metals Rates

 Metals-API is a lightweight and fast API that provides current and historical precious metals prices. This API provides real-time prices and quotes for precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, platinum, and other base metals in over 170 currencies. offers current real-time precious metals data via API with a 2 decimal point accuracy and a frequency of every 60 seconds.

Key Features

  • Real-time, delayed, historical, and tick-by-tick periodicity APIs are available.
  • Precious metals costs in real time APIs for gold, silver, palladium, and platinum are all available.
  • Metals price in real time API for precious metals and base metals
  • Charts for today and history data AP
  • Gold, silver, palladium, and platinum spot rates data

Key Benefits

  • Use a trusted gold price and silver price API used by hundreds of firms in the industry 
  • Access institutional quality real-time precious metal prices through an easy-to-use API
  • Easily embed real-time gold prices and other metals in your applications — including spreadsheets, websites, mobile apps, and other corporate applications
  • Dramatically reduce time to market for apps that need precious metal prices
  • Eliminate the pains and complexity of legacy feeds by using cloud APIs

Thousands of developers, SMBs, and large companies use every day. Metals-API is the most reliable source for real-time precious metals pricing, thanks to its strong data sources and more than six years of experience. You can sign up here.

Metals API Drupal Module and WordPress Plugin

Metals-API Drupal module comes up with comprehensive controls to display desired date metal rates as well as the latest. If you only want a daily snapshot of precious metal prices, this free license is all you need. The rate can be refreshed once a day (every 24 hours) by the drupal module, and it will fall within the free license’s limit of 50 requests per month. Additional daily refreshes would require the purchase of a paid license, which can be obtained for a reasonable price. You can also try Metals-API WordPress Plugin which consumes, caches, and produces blocks to display precious metal prices.


Alternatives to CurrencyLayer for Precious Metals Rates

Bloomberg is a high-tech, market-moving, data-driven, cross-platform information organization with the goal of solving global issues. Their distinct corporate culture is fast, astute, unexpected, collaborative, and daring. 

Bloomberg, the world’s leading provider of business and financial information and news, provides a vital advantage to powerful decision makers by linking them to a diverse network of information, people, and ideas. The Bloomberg Terminal is built on the company’s strength: delivering data, news, and analytics rapidly and accurately through advanced technology.

Bloomberg’s enterprise solutions build on the company’s core strength: leveraging technology to enable customers to more easily and effectively access, integrate, distribute, and handle data and information through organizations.

Barchart CMDTY

Alternatives to CurrencyLayer for Precious Metals Rates

This API is used to get real-time, delayed, or end-of-day price info. Other fields, such as Open, High, Low, Bid, Ask, 52-week high and low, and more, are available in addition to Last Price or Settlement. They also provide historical time series data on futures, indexes, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), commodity-related stocks, and forex pairs. Tick, minute, and end-of-day data are all available as historical data.

The getTechnicals API returns technical data and statistics for futures, indexes, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), commodity-related stocks, and currency pairs. Changing averages, percent shifts over various time spans, and stochastics are among the fields.

Via a single onDemand question, you can get all real-time, delayed, or end-of-day Futures data by exchange.

The Definition API may also be used to get instrument metadata by symbol, share, or exchange MIC. Instrument names, exchange codes, tick increments, base codes, expiration dates, and other information are all part of the metadata.

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