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Best Alternatives To Bloomberg For Getting Platinum Prices

Are you seeking a good alternative to Bloomberg for precious metals API with platinum prices? Then check these! The global platinum market was substantially oversupplied in 2021. Palladium prices have surged as a result of the crisis in Ukraine, leading manufacturers to switch to lower platinum to save money, boosting…

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Get Platinum Prices From New York Mercantile Exchange With An API

Are you seeking an NYMEX platinum pricing API? This is a post dedicated to you! In 2021, the worldwide platinum market was massively oversupplied. Due to the situation in Ukraine, palladium prices have skyrocketed, prompting automakers to switch to cheaper platinum to save money, boosting demand. Russia produces around a…

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Looking For An API To Get Precious Metals Rates In Cardano Cryptocurrency?

What is a free API for Getting the Current Price of Precious Metal Rates? Or What is a Free API for having the Latest Metal Values in Cardano Cryptocurrency? There are several APIs available online to know about gold and silver live rates. Metals-API is one of the most common…

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Top 3 Alternatives to Reuters for Precious Metals Rates

Currencies are an important medium of exchange in transactions on the foreign metal market and in global trading. Metal prices are commonly determined using the US dollar, the Australian dollar, and the Japanese yen. APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) from specific companies that offer live and historical precious metal rates are…

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