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Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP): That’s what you earn per book!

Have you ever looked around Amazon to find a niche where you can successfully publish a book, it’s not only important, it depends on your complete success, whether you’re dealing with how good your competition is, in the niche where you are.

Amazon gives us the most ingenious “tool” ever.

You can see with every product and especially with the books and ebooks, which total sales rank this on Amazon. This will let you know immediately if it really makes sense to publish your desired book there. Time and again, many authors are paying more attention to their convictions about your niche than to finding the right niche. Ok, if you are a well-known person and write a book. But I’m not a well-known author, and most of the businesses are not.

On the one hand, there are those who only focus on the good niches and have everything written by a ghostwriter. These usually have good success with it.

Do not make that mistake!

However, I always come across people who like to earn their money writing, write really great lyrics, but unfortunately are completely unknown and place themselves in the wrong niches and hope that your book sells well. That’s not how it works. Orient yourself on the entire bestseller rank of books, then you’ll know instantly how inquisitive your niche is.

The sales rank fluctuates daily and can vary considerably. The following numbers, which I will now give you, are only guidelines, but you will never be able to derive an exact revenue forecast from them. Still, you can do a lot with it. But do not get stuck on the following numbers.

Here are the numbers (Amazon KDP)

The following figures are taken from the analyzes of my own books, where the sales rank was recorded daily.

E-Book at price 2.99 € (1.74 € royalties per sale)

Place 10,000 – 50 € per month

Place 5,000 – 100 € per month

Place 1,500 – 200 € per month

Paperbacks – The selling price depends on how much you earn.

At 4.99 € you can achieve a good rank, but only get 0.90 € per sale on average. I’ll take my average here again. My prices are between 6.99 to 11.99 and thus the profit also fluctuates. That depends on the competition.

Here are my details:

Place 10,000 at price 9,99 € – 250 € profit per month

Place 5000 at price € 7.99 – € 400 profit per month

Place 4000 at price € 7.99 – € 600 profit per month

Place 900 at price 9,99 € – 1,900 € profit per month

Place 100 – 150 at price 11,99 € – 5,400 € profit per month

As you can see, you can make good money at $ 10,000 at $ 10,000. Now you probably understand why I specialize in paperbacks. It is very possible with it. Also, you can quickly publish a book that will generate you over € 1,000, – and more each month.

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