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Should you create the app? You must know this first

Before we go into how to create and develop your app, you’ll need to answer two verification questions.

  • We must first know if there is an interest in this type of app and why it exists.
  • Secondly, we need to check if there is already a similar app. Then sit in front of the PC and do a thorough examination of the two points.

Try to identify as many keywords you can find describing how your app will work. This allows you to find similar apps (content, feature, user group, and so on). Try to search as widely as possible.

New, innovative or blueprint

Today, there are apps for almost everything, but this does not mean that the market is saturated. There is always room for innovation, keep in mind that when you find a similar app idea, you can find a new angle and make an improved version. This gives you an advantage in the market.

To evaluate the app, you should do a market research to compare your app’s features, pros and cons with others.

Functionality – How does the app work?

Now it’s time to decide how the app will work. Start sketching. Do it on paper or simply write down a bulleted list with the features that the app should have. In this phase, it is important to focus on functionality and do not spend much time on design.

All platforms (App Store / Google Play) have different design guidelines to follow. These have the app developer you are going to work with, regardless of the better overview than you.

Developers, pay or join the team?

When you are going to find a developer, there are two ways to go. Either you pay a developer for the job or you will find someone who likes your idea so well that they want to become part of your company.

Option two is the most common for entrepreneurs. The first option fits best for established businesses. Either way, it requires a lot of capital to develop an app.

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