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Amazon’s Project Zero will let brands to take down their counterfeits

Amazon has declared war on counterfeits in its store with the announcement of Amazon Project Zero. An ambitious program that aims to reduce artificial counterfeit products to zero. It has also released in the United States Amazon Day, a new option for users of Amazon Prime that allows them to group several orders into one, and choose the day they want to receive it.

According to a study by The Counterfeit Report, Amazon has more than 58,000 fake products in its store, and that only of the brands that the firm represents.

Amazon Project Zero will fight counterfeits with three different methods, artificial intelligence, erasing tool for original brands, and serialization of products. Let’s explain what everything is.

The explanation

First, Amazon will use Automated Protection. Brands provide Amazon with photos of their logos, brands, and other data, and artificial intelligence tracks the more than 5,000 million items Amazon has on sale from thousands of third party stores, locating fake products.

According to the company itself, artificial intelligence detects a hundred times more fakes than with the traditional complaints of brands or customers.

Another measure of Amazon Project Zero is called a self-service tool to eliminate counterfeits. The brands themselves, without having to make the complaint to Amazon, will be able to eliminate the fake products from the store, using a tool.

Finally, Amazon has released what it calls Product Serialization. Items that adopt this system the manufacturer has to pay for it will carry a unique manufacturing number. Each article that Amazon sells will check if the serial number exists, and if it does not, it will instantly detect the falsifications.

They are three very aggressive measures, and precisely because of their forcefulness they can give good results. Fake products harm both customers and Amazon, as there are brands, especially clothing, that do not sell on Amazon precisely because there are fake products of their items. With Amazon Project Zero, Jeff Bezos’ company hopes to finally kick them out.

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