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A program based on Blockchain & Fintech to teach professionals

In India, one of the best business schools, known as the Indian Institute of Management of Calcutta. Considered one of the most outstanding business schools, is preparing to offer an educational program related to cryptocurrencies. Which will be provided as of May of this year.

This program is based on Fintech and Financial Blockchain and is intended for medium and senior management professionals. Who need help to develop a digital finance strategy.

Program’s topics and cost

Within what will be the content of the course include the following topics, Analysis and Interpretation of Data, Markets and Financial Products, understanding Banks and other Financial Institutions, Fundamentals of Fintech, Digital Payments, All about Blockchain, Digital Interruptions in Financial Services , Assets and Cryptography Cards, Risk Management for Fintech, and Data Driven Financial Analytics

According to the web page of this school, they indicate that the duration of this study program will be six months. With a cost of $ 4,500 for each person who registers to be trained in this subject.

This type of institutions seeks to respond to the demand of students and the industry to obtain more education about cryptographic assets.

Intend to enable 2,000 professionals of Fintech

On the other hand, the Director of the program, Professor Indranil Bose, said that the program they have designed in Fintech, intends to have the administration and finance professionals. And assured that they plan to equip and enable 2,000 professionals of Fintech in the coming years. To the same time that allows them to take advantage of the in-depth research and consulting experience of IIM Calcutta professors at the hands of their Finance Laboratory.

“A large majority of companies in the banking and financial sector believe that FinTech’s lack of adequate talent is an existential threat to its future,” he added.

It should be noted that around the world, and for some years now. There are many academic institutions that are addressing studies on cryptocurrencies. And all the technology that arises as a result of the blockchain or technologies that may be related to the chain of blocks and cryptoactive. Which increases the expansion of knowledge that allows us to handle more and more everything related to this ecosystem.

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