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An Argentinean ​st​artu​p is called best in business

The Argentine startup, Blended was the winner of the Seedstars Summit held in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Federico Hernández’s endeavor is an innovative project in the education sector that proposes giving schools access to all the tools and services they need in a single platform, saving time and money. With the title of Seedstars Global Winner, the startup Blended has been granted $ 500,000 dollars of direct investment.

The Seedstars Summit is held every year with the aim of strategically designing innovative solutions in five key sectors: health, finance, education, agriculture, and energy. The fundamental mission is that the selected startups get the necessary financial support and be part of valuable tutorials with global experts that allow them to generate a positive impact globally.

Latin America played a prominent role during the four days of the 2019 summit, reaching 4 of the 12 finalist positions. Among the five participating regions of the world, Latin America managed to have the startup number of representatives in the final stage. A total of 64 startups from emerging economies in Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East competed. The fact that the winner is a Latin American enterprise demonstrates the capacity for innovation and development in the region.

“It is a great happiness to have obtained this award among so many good quality companies around the world. I want to thank Seedstars for this opportunity to present my project and to be able to show all the good that is being done from the emerging countries.

An Argentinian is an opportunity to show that entrepreneurship is not only in Silicon Valley but there are very good quality and large projects in other parts of the world. Thanks to all the entrepreneurs because I get great learning from all their cultures. I believe that beyond the Network with other investors, the added value offered by Seedstars at the cultural level is definitely very great “. Federico Hernández, CFO and founder of Blended.

In the last 16 months, Seedstars has rapidly increased its presence in the world by investing in 28 startups and opening 15 Seedspaces. In May, the group will be traveling again through 15 countries in South and Central America.

During the summit, it was announced the launch of its new Investment Readiness support program so that the enterprises can prepare themselves in the process of raising funds, it is a personalized model and without a time limit with which they will aim to work with 500 entrepreneurs in 2019.

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