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An electric-bio bicycle is the new favourite technology startup

Classified as a bicycle. Therefore, the Bio-Hybrid is allowed to drive and park everywhere. Electrical support up to max. 25 km / h. The pure electric range is between 50 and 100 kilometers. Bio-Hybrid will be available in two versions. As a two-seater or as a single-seater with load compartment (for example for couriers).

The Bio-Hybrid was created by the startup of the same name from Nuremberg. This belongs to the automotive supplier Schaeffler. The basic idea is to present a solution so that you can move forward in the city as comfortable as possible, without, however, relying on an automobile. Because often you need the flexibility of a bicycle in the heavy traffic of a big city, just think of delivery services that have to move forward quickly to deliver on time. But the bike is rarely very comfortable. Cyclists are vulnerable to wind and weather and a bicycle offers only a limited amount of storage space. At the same time, only two wheels are slightly more unstable than four tires.

With a length of 2.18 meters, a width of 85 centimeters and a height of 1.53 meters, the Bio-Hybrid is said to be compact enough for bike paths, but still offers more comfort than a conventional bicycle. So he always has four wheels and a roof. For an extra charge, two doors with plexiglass windows are available. So you do not just have to pedal, the covered pedelec has an electric motor as support.

The battery pack is either 1.2 kWh or 2.4 kWh. The cyclist can choose between different levels of recuperation. The purely electrical range is – depending on the installed battery, selected recuperation level and topology – between 50 and 100 kilometers. However, the e-pedelec weighs just under 100 kilograms without driver and luggage. The Bio-Hybrid will be available in two versions.

Passenger variant: There is room for two people sitting in a row under the roof. Cargo variant: Only space for the driver, but a cargo compartment

To be able to drive completely open, for example, in summer, the roof can be removed and stowed under the seat. In Germany, the Bio-Hybrid is officially approved as a bicycle with e-motor support. For this reason, no driver’s license is necessary and you can drive and park anywhere. However, the support from the electric motor is electronically limited to a maximum of 25 km / h, otherwise, it would not be considered a bicycle.

Liveable cities need new forms of transportation. The Bio-Hybrid closes the gap between bike and car. The Bio-Hybrid makes goods traffic emission-free. Schaeffler Bio-Hybrid

Bike 4.0 – Networking is always on board

As standard, a 4G mobile radio module and a screen for displaying the speed, range and other information are installed. An app for the smartphone indicates the current charge level of the battery for the electric motor.

In the future further services via App possible.

As many major cities will become smart cities in the not too distant future, many means of transport will also be networked. Logically, the Bio-Hybrid is already prepared for it and delivered at no extra charge with a connectivity module and a display. Via a touchscreen on the handlebar, various information can be displayed. Thanks to the 4G module, the pedelec can also communicate with other devices such as the smartphone. By means of a separate app, it will be possible to open the pedelec without a key. For this purpose, a specific, pre-defined phone must be set as digital access. In addition, certain information can be checked if the Bio-Hybrid has just been shut down. The built-in GPS system allows the pedelec to be located. For example, a notification is automatically sent to the phone if the vehicle is moved without permission. In addition, there is a Bluetooth module in the bio-hybrid, so that communication with multiple devices is possible. Conceivable here would be a speakerphone and much more. In the future, even more, services will be available via the App.

The comfortable e-pedelec is expected to be launched later this year. Prices are not fixed yet.

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