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Analyze Sentiment Language With An API

When we communicate, we always do it with an intention and with an emotion. The task of the interlocutors is precisely to decipher what is hidden in that message. And this is quite easy to do when people talk face to face, in person. In situations like this we can see the expressions of the other, their body language and even hear their voice. But it is very complicated to do this when we communicate through the Internet.

In the virtual world, we can rarely see other people when they are talking. Therefore, it is extremely complex to understand if a written message is positive or not. We cannot fully determine if the person is satisfied or not, or if she is not interested in anything.

Fortunately, technology has made tools that can help us with this task. These are called emotion analysis APIs, and basically they interpret the emotions of the written texts to determine what is the predominant feeling in them. There are many options available in the market, but one of the most recommended and efficient is Opinion Analysis API.

Learn More About Opinion Analysis API

Opinion Analysis API is a sentiment analysis API developed by Zyla Labs. Its function is to analyze comments and opinions to determine which of them are positive, negative or indifferent.

Let’s imagine that you have a company, no matter what it is, that receives hundreds of comments per day. You know that many of them are from detractors or from people who are not satisfied with some of your products. You want to identify them and read what they say, to understand how people feel and work to fix their problems. But reviewing comment by comment would take you hours and hours, and it is not sure that you correctly interpret what someone is saying.

In such a case, this API can be your lifesaver. It will take care of doing all the work for you in half the time reliably and efficiently. It will help you understand what your customers love about your brand and what they would rather improve. Thanks to this, you will be able to improve your emotional connection with them and empathize with your consumers.

How This API Works

One of the best aspects of this tool is that it is very easy to use. It can be adapted to any type of company, no matter if you are just starting out or if you are already established in the market.

The process is simple. The API only needs you to provide it with the comments to parse. Then it will do the rest of the work on its own.

Opinion Analysis API can receive an array of up to 64 elements maximum, of which it will analyze the first 2000 characters. Upon receiving this information, it will begin to do its job, and in a very short time it will deliver its result in the form of 3 outputs: promote, detract and indifferent. This API has no limitations of any kind (only those related to the number of calls that can be made monthly).

Other Opinion Analysis API Features And Available Plans

When we say that this API is suitable for any type of company, we are very serious! Opinion Analysis API supports three languages: English, Spanish, and Deutch. This means that companies from almost all over the world can use it without any problem.

In addition, there are many plans available to hire it. You can choose the one that best suits your needs and also contact Zyla Labs for a custom product. They will work with you to design something according to your wishes and specifications. And if you want to test the product before hiring it, you can do that too. A plan is available at no cost, which will allow you to make a maximum of 25 monthly consultations. Thanks to this, you will be able to see how well this tool works and how easy it is to use.

Interpreting feelings in the virtual world will be easier and easier thanks to Opinion Analysis API. This tool will not only save you time and money. It will also help you empathize with your customers and get closer to them. All this will allow your brand to grow more and more and position itself as one of the most acclaimed by the public.

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