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New Sentiment Analysis API For Articles, Video Feeds & Audio

Internet and social networks have acquired an undeniable importance in recent times. And it is easy to understand why, since they are tools with many benefits. Some examples of this are that they shorten distances and bring people closer together. But they have also become a platform that allows users to share their content with others. It gives people the opportunity to show their talent, their work, their sense of humor, among many other things.

Some of the most consumed resources on the Internet are visual. The most popular applications are those that allow us to share videos, both long and short. And also those that allow us to listen to music or read articles, whatever they are. All this is also very useful for companies, if they know how to take advantage of it. Internet can allow them to showcase their brand, promote it, create a stronger connection with their customers, and reach more and more users.

But for a page to be known, to be positioned in the first places of searches and to be shown more to people, it is essential that it has a good level of interactions by users and a good reputation. The more comments and likes there are on a post or video, the more it will show. And the more positive those comments are, the more reputation the company will achieve. That is why it is important that entreprises take into account negative opinions and work to solve what consumers dislike. There are very useful tools to do this job. And Opinion Analysis API is one of the most accurate and efficient of them.

New Sentiment Analysis API For Articles, Video Feeds & Audio

Opinion Analysis API, The Best Way To Analyze What People Are Saying On The Internet About Your Brand

Opinion Analysis API is an API developed by Zyla Labs. As its name indicates, it is responsible for carrying out a sentimental analysis of opinions on the network. This allows you to determine if a comment is positive for your brand, if it is negative or if it is indifferent.

Thanks to this tool you can understand what users love about your company and what they would prefer to improve. By solving these questions, you can meet their needs and get them to support your brand. This will impact the number of interactions that there will be with your accounts on social networks and will help you achieve a better position in them.

How This API Works And What Are Its Results

New Sentiment Analysis API For Articles, Video Feeds & Audio

Businesses and content creators often receive hundreds of comments and reactions on a daily basis. Because of that, it is very difficult to test them one by one to determine if they are positive or not. This is a task that requires a very large investment of time, time that could be used for other activities.

Lucky for you, Opinion Analysis API works entirely on its own. All it needs is for you to provide the comments it needs to analyze, and that’s it! Automating this process will save you time and money, since this tool does in seconds what would take a person hours.

This API can receive an array of up to 64 items maximum, of which it will parse the first 2000 characters. After doing its job, it will give you a result in the form of 3 possible outputs: promote, detract or indifferent. In this way, you will be able to filter those comments to which you want to pay attention much more quickly and easily.

Other Features And Plans Available

New Sentiment Analysis API For Articles, Video Feeds & Audio

This API supports three languages: English, Spanish, and Deutch. This is very useful and practical, since they are one of the languages ​​that are most used in social networks. Thanks to this, people from all over the world can use Opinion Analysis API.

Regarding the available plans, it has several options for you to choose according to your needs. There is even an option at no cost, so you can try this API before hiring it and see how easy it is to use. And don’t worry if these plans aren’t what you were looking for or if you want something more personalized. You can contact Zyla Labs to request a custom job. They will take care of delivering a product that meets your requirements and wishes.

In summary, Opinion Analysis API is a novel, efficient, practical to use and very useful tool. Thanks to it you can improve your relationship with Internet users and achieve better positions. This translates into better growth opportunities and more growth for any company or person that is dedicated to networks.

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