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Are you an entrepreneur? This is why you should expand

Innovation Experience, an initiative that takes Latin American entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to take inspiration from Israeli business models and then apply them to their companies, presents its 2019 edition. This will expand the experience of executives from throughout the region including Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru

The program is designed for entrepreneurs who want to visit Israel to meet entrepreneurs that create ideas that set trends in the world through disruptive companies that change the way of life.

The model has two modalities: Young, for young entrepreneurs, and Senior, for CEOs, founders and senior managers of companies.

Each experience is divided into three key areas:

  • Inspiration: Here they know innovative companies.
  • Training: In which they learn from the hand of different experts.
  • Networking: Both with your travel companions from different parts of the world, as well as with local businessmen.

Each of the stages has specific objectives, and is adapted on each occasion according to the needs of each group and the item in which each one of the participants works.

Why Israel?

The IVC research center based in Tel Aviv reported that, in 2017, the total money raised from starups was US $ 5,242 million. Today Israel is the second country, not counting the United States, in number of companies listed on the Nasdaq: it is located behind China with 75 companies.

To which is added the creation of 24 technological incubators that gave support to companies around the world in their initial phase, whether with capital, facilities and managerial support.

Ryan Fain, director of Innovation Experience explained: “The success of Israeli companies is not due to chance, behind there are clear and effective methods and strategies with proven results over and over again over the years”.

He explained that the objective is to show these tools to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, through visits to Israeli companies and training with experts, in order to strengthen local businesses and the economy of the region.

The Colombian entrepreneurial ecosystem, according to Finovista, is positioned as the third Fintech hub in Latin America, behind Mexico and Brazil. In 2017, the number of startups in the country grew by 61%, and this number continues to multiply year by year. In relation to the distribution of startups, most of them it concentrates in the capital, Bogotá (65%), followed by Medellín (22%) and Cali (3%).

So far, 30 delegations from Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru have participated in which more than 1,000 entrepreneurs, CEOs and managers of large companies participated.

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