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“Along the way, technologies are changing, the market is changing direction and sometimes, once a century or so, there is also an epidemic.”

The i3 Equity Partners fund is not afraid to take high-risk investments, provided the company has the potential to change the rules of the game and create a competency gap that will make it more difficult for competitors. Meanwhile, Adam Fischer of Bessemer and Ille Waldman of Melanox are boasting…

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The issue with facial recognition: Microsoft will investigate the work of the Israeli startup

AnyVision has been subject to scrutiny by Microsoft following reports from the commercial newspaper TheMarker de Haaretz and NBC News that its technology is used to monitor the Palestinians. The facial recognition technology Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) hired former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate whether the use of facial…

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Entrepreneurs: Do not overlook the “marketing technology” developed in this country

During the last fifteen years, one of the most successful technology segments for Israeli technology entrepreneurs has been the advertising technology industry, better known as “adtech” or, more recently, “martech”: marketing technology, It includes additional marketing functionality beyond advertising that is now being addressed by technology companies. Rapid development and…

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