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Avoy Having Your Company Number Marked As Spam With A Phone Number Validator API

Do you want to avoid having your company number marked as spam? If so, you should use a phone number validation API!

If you are a business owner, you might have faced the situation where your phone number is marked as spam. This can be very frustrating and can cause a lot of damages to your business. For instance, if your company’s number is marked as spam; then it will not be allowed to send or receive messages over SMS or MMS. In addition to that; your customers will not be able to reach you on their phones when they need help from you.

Why Does A Company Number Gets Marked As Spam?

The main reason why companies get their numbers marked as spam is because of the number of invalid phone numbers in their database. When companies collect data from various sources and merge it into one database; there are chances that some of these numbers might become invalid over time.

Overall, companies collects data from websites, social media platforms and other sources like directories etc. However, if someone enters their contact information on these platforms; then there is no guarantee that the number entered by them is valid or not. This can lead to getting your number marked as spam if you have more invalid numbers than valid ones in your database. To avoid this situation you should consider using an API for phone number validation in order to verify the phone numbers on your database.

Use A Phone Number Validation API To Avoid Getting Marked As Spam

Thanks to technological advancements, businesses today can connect to data providers and retrieve specific information using a variety of APIs. This is how a company can quickly determine which phone numbers are real and which are fake by using a phone number validation API. Additionally, by using this program, they can find out information about its location, phone number type, carrier company, and other relevant details.

Even though APIs are the best tool to retrieve accurate and secure data; not all of the APIs available online can be easily trusted. Due to this, we advise choosing a reliable and secure API, such as Phone Number Validator API, in order to guarantee efficiency and security.

This reliable tool, Phone Number Validator API, can be found at Zyla API Hub, a reputable API marketplace. With it, you will be able to quickly ascertain whether or not any of the numbers in your database are valid or not. On top of that, this program delivers accurate data about the phone numbers it verifies, such as their type, their carrier company, and more.

Step By Step On How To Validate A Phone Number

1. Get an API key by creating an account at the reputable API marketplace, Zyla API Hub.
2. Include your bearer token in the Authorization header. This way you’ll authenticate your API key before making any calls.
3. To verify a phone number, include it as a parameter, and use the Verification endpoint. Then, make the API call to Phone Number Validator API.

After performing these steps, all that is left for you to do is wait. In a matter of seconds the API will deliver the information regarding the phone number!

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