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Save Time And Money By Using These Great Phone Validation APIs

Want to save time and money? Did you know that using these excellent phone validation APIs you can achieve it? Watch this post until the end!

There are many ways that you can go about validating a phone number, but there’s no doubt that doing it manually is the slowest of them all. You’d have to go through every single possible number out there and figure out if any of them match your criteria. That would be a huge waste of time, not to mention the fact that your database would be filled with duplicate entries.

A phone validation API is a tool that can be used to validate phone numbers. It can help you save time and money by identifying invalid numbers and preventing them from being used in your business.

These services are especially useful when you need to validate a large number of phone numbers. For example; if you are creating an app that requires users to enter their phone number; then it would be beneficial for you to use a phone validation API. It will save time by automatically checking if the number is valid or not before sending it to the user.

Now, a Phone Validation API works like a RESTful application programming interface (API); that you can use to quickly and easily validate phone numbers. The API provides various methods for determining if a given phone number is in service, out of service, or unassigned. For example, you can query the API to determine if a phone number is valid or not.

Now that you know how to use a phone validation API to improve the efficiency of your business and; thus save time and money, we recommend you try these options, we know they will not disappoint you!

1. Phone Number Validator API

On the Zyla API Hub, there is a trustworthy tool call the Phone Number Validator API. It allows you to quickly determine which of the numbers in your database are real. Additionally, information about the phone number’s location; including whether it is local or international, the carrier business, the type of phone number, and more; will available to you.

2. NumlookAPI is a global phone number validation API that allows you to automate your number verification process by contacting a variety of trustworthy data providers and international carriers.
This tool is ready to use and displays performance metrics such as your number of requests, success rate, mean latency, remaining requests, and more. Additionally, it provides a starter plan with 100 API calls per month to help you keep your customer database clean, with high-quality leads, and to prevent fraudulent activity.

3. Vonage

Vonage Number Insight API provides much more than just phone number validation; for example, you can use it to identify callers, predict customer intent, and verify and approve customers based on their intent from sign up to sign in.

Thereby blocking fake and fraudulent accounts, preventing scam activities, adding additional steps for suspected numbers to authenticate properly, and much more.

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