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Best 4 APIs To Drive More Traffic And Sales

Are you looking for the top 4 APIs to increase traffic and sales? You’re in the proper location!

There is a wealth of knowledge available on the Internet. Finding the information you require and staying on top of all the daily changes is challenging. Because of this, APIs are quite useful. An API, or application programming interface, is a device that enables the blending of numerous programs and applications. In other words, it serves as a communication link between two software programs.

You can utilize an Alternative API To Google Analytics to find out more about your competitors. These APIs can offer details on several subjects, such as the number of visits they receive each month and their bounce rate. You may learn from this where they are succeeding and where they need to improve.

Best 4 APIs To Drive More Traffic And Sales

Potential clients are being lost by companies who are not utilizing APIs. This is so that marketing initiatives may be more effective, which will boost your traffic and sales.

Additionally, by offering information about your target demographic, APIs can assist you in developing more effective marketing campaigns. You may utilize this data to develop more effective messages, deals, and marketing initiatives that speak more directly to the target audience.

Site Traffic API

Best 4 APIs To Drive More Traffic And Sales

You may learn via the Site Traffic API where website visitors are coming from. Reviewing data on demographics of visitors (by country), typical monthly visits, and traffic sources (direct, social media, emails, etc.) is feasible. 

To Use It, Just Follow These Steps:

  • Visit Site Traffic API and select “START FREE TRIAL” to begin using the API.
  • Once you’ve registered in the Zyla API Hub, you’ll be ready to access the API.
  • Depending on what you’re looking for, use one of the many API endpoints.
  • Use the “test endpoint” button to launch an API call after finding the necessary endpoint and see the responses on your screen.

Developers can utilize the “Country List” and “Traffic Source and Overview” APIs as a result of this API. Let’s use the “Country List” Endpoint’s response as an example:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        [{"name":"Afghanistan","alpha-2":"AF","alpha-3":"AFG","country-code":"004","iso_3166-2":"ISO 3166-2:AF","region":"Asia","sub-region":"Southern Asia","intermediate-region":"","region-code":"142","sub-region-code":"034","intermediate-region-code":""},

{"name":"Åland Islands","alpha-2":"AX","alpha-3":"ALA","country-code":"248","iso_3166-2":"ISO 3166-2:AX","region":"Europe","sub-region":"Northern Europe","intermediate-region":"","region-code":"150","sub-region-code":"154","intermediate-region-code":""},

{"name":"Albania","alpha-2":"AL","alpha-3":"ALB","country-code":"008","iso_3166-2":"ISO 3166-2:AL","region":"Europe","sub-region":"Southern Europe","intermediate-region":"","region-code":"150","sub-region-code":"039","intermediate-region-code":""},

{"name":"Algeria","alpha-2":"DZ","alpha-3":"DZA","country-code":"012","iso_3166-2":"ISO 3166-2:DZ","region":"Africa","sub-region":"Northern Africa","intermediate-region":"","region-code":"002","sub-region-code":"015","intermediate-region-code":""},

{"name":"American Samoa","alpha-2":"AS","alpha-3":"ASM","country-code":"016","iso_3166-2":"ISO 3166-2:AS","region":"Oceania","sub-region":"Polynesia","intermediate-region":"","region-code":"009","sub-region-code":"061","intermediate-region-code":""},


As you can see, a list of every supported country will be presented, along with a list of each country’s codes. The traffic analysis will take the code into account. Due to the long response, we had to end it.

Never use this Data Engineer API to send HTTP or HTTPS requests. Moreover, avoid beginning the domain with www. Please only include the domain, such as “,” “,” etc. Subdomains are not supported either. only the top-level domains.

You can also try these alternatives:


Best 4 APIs To Drive More Traffic And Sales

DataForSEO offers handy ways to sort data as well as a variety of suitable search engines. The Google, Yahoo, and Baidu SERPs are all included in the API’s coverage.

However, the SERP API stands out as a fantastic approach to obtain structured SERP data and streamline the procedure. For example, you can get a thorough overview of knowledge graphs, featured excerpts, and much more. To limit the results you see, you can also specify particular places using GPS, coordinates, or a ZIP code.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Best 4 APIs To Drive More Traffic And Sales

We are well aware of the significance of website speed. That’s what PageSpeed Insights is all about; it evaluates a website’s performance, identifies performance problems, and offers recommendations for improvement.

This API combines information from Lighthouse and the Chrome User Experience Report to provide reports of outcomes for both desktop and mobile devices.

Serpstat API

Best 4 APIs To Drive More Traffic And Sales

The product before this one prioritized speed, whereas this API focuses on extensive competitor and keyword research. The Serpstat API enables you to integrate its analytics features with other platforms and in-house creations while obtaining huge amounts of data.

This tool’s core capabilities are keyword, web page, and backlink analysis. Depending on the subscription you choose, it also offers you a website audit, rank tracking, and search analytics.

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