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The Use Of A Site Traffic API In Identifying And Preventing Bot Traffic

Are you looking for a reliable API to detect and stop bot traffic? For you, we have the ideal suggestion!

A website’s popularity can be determined by the number of visitors it receives. The number of people who visit a website over a predetermined period of time is known as site traffic. It is also referred to as internet traffic, web traffic, and online traffic. The volume of traffic to the website can be used to gauge its popularity. It becomes more well-liked the more people that visit it. The volume of traffic to the site can be used to gauge its popularity.

You can utilize an API for Data Science to find out more about your competitors. These APIs can offer details on several subjects, such as the number of visits they receive each month and their bounce rate. You may learn from this where they are succeeding and where they need to improve.

The Use Of A Site Traffic API In Identifying And Preventing Bot Traffic

Because they are aware that more visitors result in more leads and revenue, most firms aim to attract as many customers as they can. But not every visitor to a website is made equally. Perhaps you’ve heard the terms “good” and “bad” website visitors.

Good website visitors are those who engage with your content by making a purchase, joining your email list, or submitting a job application. Bad website visitors are individuals who do not engage with your content in any way, such as reading solely your articles without subscribing or simply browsing your homepage without clicking anywhere else or completing any forms.

Site Traffic API

The Use Of A Site Traffic API In Identifying And Preventing Bot Traffic

Using the Site Traffic API, you can find out where website visitors are coming from. It is possible to review information on visitor demographics (by country), normal monthly visits, and traffic sources (direct, social media, emails, etc.). 

Just enter the URL of the website you wish to visit. There will also be a breakdown of the traffic by country, monthly visits, engagement metrics such as average visit time, bounce rate, and pages per visit, and the traffic sources. True, they come across their clients through web searches. Do sponsored advertisements draw in the most users? This API will teach you that. 

To Use It, Just Follow These Steps:

  • Visit Site Traffic API and select “START FREE TRIAL” to begin using the API.
  • Once you’ve registered in the Zyla API Hub, you’ll be ready to access the API.
  • Depending on what you’re looking for, use one of the many API endpoints.
  • Use the “test endpoint” button to launch an API call after finding the necessary endpoint and see the responses on your screen.

Developers will be able to use the “Country List” and “Traffic Source and Overview” APIs thanks to this API. Let’s use the answer that was sent to us from the “Country List” Endpoint as an example:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        [{"name":"Afghanistan","alpha-2":"AF","alpha-3":"AFG","country-code":"004","iso_3166-2":"ISO 3166-2:AF","region":"Asia","sub-region":"Southern Asia","intermediate-region":"","region-code":"142","sub-region-code":"034","intermediate-region-code":""},

{"name":"Åland Islands","alpha-2":"AX","alpha-3":"ALA","country-code":"248","iso_3166-2":"ISO 3166-2:AX","region":"Europe","sub-region":"Northern Europe","intermediate-region":"","region-code":"150","sub-region-code":"154","intermediate-region-code":""},

{"name":"Albania","alpha-2":"AL","alpha-3":"ALB","country-code":"008","iso_3166-2":"ISO 3166-2:AL","region":"Europe","sub-region":"Southern Europe","intermediate-region":"","region-code":"150","sub-region-code":"039","intermediate-region-code":""},

{"name":"Algeria","alpha-2":"DZ","alpha-3":"DZA","country-code":"012","iso_3166-2":"ISO 3166-2:DZ","region":"Africa","sub-region":"Northern Africa","intermediate-region":"","region-code":"002","sub-region-code":"015","intermediate-region-code":""},

{"name":"American Samoa","alpha-2":"AS","alpha-3":"ASM","country-code":"016","iso_3166-2":"ISO 3166-2:AS","region":"Oceania","sub-region":"Polynesia","intermediate-region":"","region-code":"009","sub-region-code":"061","intermediate-region-code":""},


As you can see, a list of all the supported nations will be provided, along with a list of their codes. The traffic analysis will take the code into account. Due to the size of the response, we had to make it shorter.

Using the Data Engineer API, you may sort your database using whatever criteria you choose. Are you interested in finding out which URLs get the most traffic? Perhaps you’re curious about the pages with the highest bounce rates. What URLs encourage users to stay longer? You can also use this API to assess how well your own page is performing. Based on the measures obtained, inferences may be reached after observing user behavior. Determine the net worth of the pages and the ranks.

Never submit HTTP or HTTPS requests using this API. Additionally, refrain from starting the domain with www. Just the domain, such as “,” “,” etc., please. Additionally, subdomains are not supported. just the root domains.

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