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Best 4 APIs To Get Access To Up-To-Date Emission Factors

Carbon dioxide is an emission needed. Without carbon dioxide, Earth’s natural greenhouse effect would be too weak to keep the average global surface temperature above freezing. Moreover, The human breathing mechanism actually revolves around CO2, instead of oxygen. Without carbon dioxide, humans will be far from able to breathe. CO2, as a gas, is basically harmless.

However, CO2 exposure can have a range of devastating effects. There is evidence suggesting that when it comes to decision-making, indoor air with elevated levels of carbon dioxide can be a bad influence. Also, CO2 becomes a poisonous gas when there is too much of it in the air we breathe.

Besides affecting the planet and the atmosphere, carbon dioxide poisoning can lead to central nervous system damage and respiratory deterioration. Moreover, the industrial burning of fossil fuels for electricity, heat, and transportation is the largest single source of global carbon emissions. Transportation, electricity production, and industry are some of the main sources of emissions.

Precise knowledge of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is necessary because it has a key role in global warming. But, how do industries and individuals have access to this type of information? Luckily, there are four CO2 emissions APIs that provide the latest emission information and they will be developed here.

Firstly, we have TryCarbon API by Zyla Labs. You just need to send your information to the best carbon footprint API and it will return your carbon footprint in kg of carbon. You can deliver footprint information through the carbon offset API or upload it from the website. As an example, you can add details regarding energy consumption, package shipping, freight & logistics, flights, vehicles, and more. Moreover, CarbonAPI categorizes the information and through different calculations, it delivers back your carbon emissions in kg of carbon.

The second option is Climatiq. The API is easy to integrate. The globally distributed REST API can be used with applications running on any device or server located in any data center. Also, it allows you to choose among thousands of up-to-date and scientifically evaluated emission factors in our open database or import your own to accurately calculate the carbon emissions of any activity. Besides, this API allows you to connect mixed data sources and departments into central storage to get a holistic view of the carbon emissions caused by daily business operations.

Thirdly, Trip to Carbon API gives solutions too. The CO2 calculator provides carbon emission calculation tools for travel. Moreover, the carbon emissions API can be used for a range of items. For instance, personal or business emissions can be estimated and the API can be integrated into travel sites.

Last but not least, we have the MyClimate API. It offers emission calculators and provides deep integrations to our offsetting process, including payments. If your use case is unique, they offer custom-tailored solutions. This carbon calculator API offers the carbon calculation of the carbon emission of a single flight or multiple flights at once, the emission calculations of the carbon emission of one or multiple private car trips, and also offers the calculations of the carbon emissions of a company. 

To sum up, carbon dioxide is an emission needed. However, CO2 becomes a poisonous gas when there is too much of it in the air we breathe and this has detrimental effects. Fortunately, four CO2 emissions APIs that provide the most recent emission data are being developed here.

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