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Use This API To Generate Detailed Emission Metrics For Shipping Methods Via Land

Over 90 percent of world trade is carried across the world’s oceans by some 90,000 marine vessels. Like all modes of transportation that use fossil fuels, ships produce carbon dioxide emissions that significantly contribute to global climate change and acidification. Besides carbon dioxide ships also release a handful of other…

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How Could CO2 Emission Calculator APIs Save The World?

The reduction of CO2 emissions has gained worldwide attention. Carbon footprints can be reduced by altering consumer behavior, changing lifestyles, and increasing energy efficiency. Changes in energy and transportation habits can reduce a person’s overall carbon footprint. Driving has a greater environmental impact than using public transportation, such as buses…

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How Can Carbon Footptint Calculator APIs Contribute To Achieve B Corp Goals?

Are you among those who understand that a single action cannot solve all problems? Do you understand that if the business succeeds, society and the world also succeed? B-Corporations are a great approach to lead the triple impact movement and contribute to the environmental transformation (economic, social and environmental). This…

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