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Best AI Voice Generator For IVR Calls

Don’t know what AI voice generator to use on your IVR calls? Then check this service out!

IVR (interactive voice response) is a feature of an automated business phone system that interacts with callers and collects information by presenting them with a menu of options. It then takes action based on the caller’s responses through the telephone keypad or voice response.

Too often, these auto attendants and greetings can be a pain in the neck. And the robotic voices are part of the problem. If IVR isn’t customised, not to mention properly ready to handle an issue, customers might be dissatisfied with your company’s service.

Best AI Voice Generator For IVR Calls

Luckily, text to speech, also known as TTS, has advanced to the point that it can resemble people’s utterances. This technology takes any information and transforms it into audio. Therefore, it can combine perfectly with IVR calls.

Hence, if you want to change how you run call centres, employing speech synthesis may be a good start. They will give you the tools to customise the artificial agent’s vocals to improve their performance with clients. Here is our recommended AI Voice Generator for IVR calls:


Woord is an AI-powered text to speech tool that generates realistic voices. That’s right! It makes your call centre script sound like natural human speech. Additionally, the software enfolds 28 languages –including some dialects– and diverse gendered (male, female or neutral) speakers to offer 50 different vocals.

Best AI Voice Generator For IVR Calls

If those voices aren’t convincing and custom enough, don’t worry. You can further personalise and arrange your spokespeople with Woord‘s advanced audio options. They allow you to control the pace and device profile (in this case, it would be IVR). Plus, the SSML editor enables you to manage tone, pronunciation and breaks, among other characteristics.

Moreover, Woord integrates OCR technology, MP3 download, API access, audio joiner and a private audio library. Select the plan that better adjusts to your company’s needs and start enjoying these state of the art features in AI voice generators.

What did you think of this service? Do you consider it the best AI voice generator for IVR? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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